Roon ARC Sync Failures [Investigating]

Hi Benjamin,

FYI, if I try and download Roon Remote or ARC from the download site using Dolphin on my phone or tablet it does not download the file correctly. I have to use Firefox.


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This may help…if you have a router connected to your modem, like I do, eg: Eero connected to Xfinity modem, you must open port 55000 on Eero, as well as make sure your port on your xfinity modem is open at 55000. To be safe, I opened a range on my xfinity modem using the xfinity app, of 10,000 to 65000. It is amazing that ARC works flawlessly on CarPlay now, where as before it worked on and off.

Hey @danny2,

I’m glad to hear it! We’re still investigating what the core issue is, and why, for certain users/devices, downloading and installing from the playstore is causing sync issues.

We’ve seen a small handful of other users running into similar issues, but it’s to early to confirm any commonalities between devices.

I’ll leave this thread open for now, in case anything pops up over the next week or so, and if any new information presents itself :+1:

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