Roon automatic or manual backups always fail

manual backups fail too

Pardon? Are you not using any AV protection on your PC? Support has found that the Backup is failing because some other application has opened a backup file while the backup is being made. Are you sure that you know what software has been installed and running on your PC?

nope, no AV (they interfe with other software). I have all the windows stuff (defender etc) turned off and have not installed any AV programs. i use a hardware firewall on my router, but that would not affect internal backup. Weird…I just went in and went through the setting again. windows “real time protection” had turned itself on (probably after the last reboot). I turned it off and roon backed up. do you want the log?

well…failed again. both before and after turning off Windows “Real Time Protection” I will upload the logs. On my last attempt, i created a new folder on a different hard drive.