Roon Availability on Astell & Kern

Because it isn’t certified:

No mention of Roon on their product page, too:

Caveat emptor: don’t buy on a promise. If and when a product is certified, it will be shown on the partner page above. Moreover, A&K not Roon are responsible for gaining certification.

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well… you are correct… just checked… I read it somewhere… unless I was dreaming…


A and K said, in an email to me, that they are waiting on Roon for the certification.

This one showing Roon support…

I am also waiting for Roon to certify SP3000T too… is there any updated news on this?

Thank you!

The manufacturer is reponsible for certification, and they shouldn’t make anouncements until this is finalized. Roon has certified a record number of devices this year.

Check the partner pages, and blog, for updates.

Here they are showing the 3000 supporting ARC…

Well - that may be true - but obviously not this device. They said they were waiting on you. - is that true ?

They also show that they only “support” an ancient version

I’m a community member just like you.

Roon ARC support does not make a device Roon Ready.