Roon Backup Folder not created automatically

Hi - I am using the latest build of roon software on a nucleus. I needed to delete my prior backups manually on the drive and setup automated backups again. When I did so, it did NOT create a folder called Roon Backups, as it says in the dialog box - is that a problem? Instead, it creates a file called roon_backups_root and a folder called “0251619e-c345…” with about 300 subfolders. Is that normal? If not, how do I fit it?


Thanks for your help.

That does not sound right. My USB backup drive has the file listed as you said “RoonBackups” and the coded sub-folders. There is probably a Roon function in the Backup panels that you should use. Think I saw Clean in there somewhere. Perhaps the Clean option can get things back the way they were. I think specifying @support here will notify them to take a look at this topic and help you with it.

Yes, in the example you’ve given, you’re down one level from the ‘RoonBackups’ folder.

After Settings==>Find Backups (Browse) select the drive you want and click on ‘Select This Folder’ in the resulting side bar -

Click ‘Select This Folder’ again -

You’ll get something like this -

Have you setup a new backup job or just edited the old one. AFAIK the folder gets created when you setup a new job but it might be that no new folder gets created when you just edit a existing job.

Hi @Gary_Calega,

If you try to select the backup folder (Settings -> Backups -> Find Backups -> Browse… -> Folder location), do you see the “Backup Manager” listing your recent backup you made?

Thanks - when I did this, my result looks like yours. So would you assume everything is ok then?

Good catch - I edited the old one.

@support Yes, my screen looks like this when I perform those steps. Someone else suggested that the issue might have been editing the old backup rather than setting it up as new. Therefore, I created a new backup and it still didnt create a Roon Backups folder and it appears to be creating an incremental one.

To be safe - Should I delete everything and start over so I have a proper Roon Backups folder or does it not matter? If so, what steps should I take since I am not sure it will by default. Thank you!

Yes, if one can assume anything.:slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds as if you pointed the new job at a already used backup location (roon_backups_root already there) so no new RoonBackups folder got created.

You just nailed it. I deleted the whole folder, and setup a new one. I then resetup the backup schedule and it created the roon backup folder and now everything looks right. Thank so much for your help!!


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