Roon backup for Innuos ZENith

For you folks using an Innuos ZEN or ZENith as Roon Core, are you able to schedule Roon backups on the built in storage of the Innuos unit itself?

I don’t see this as an option. Just migrated the Core from the NUC to ZENith MK3 yesterday, and the only option I see for my backups is my Dropbox. I would like to set a second one to Innuos built in storage as well.


I am running Roon from my Innuos Zenith SE the only option I can see is to manually back up from the Innuos into an external hard drive.

Interested to hear if anyone else can confirm the Roon back up option works with the Zennith?


You mean to a NAS? Or to an external hard drive directly connected to Zenith on the back via its backup USB port?

Also, maybe @support can help? Innuos is in the list of supported Roon servers, so hopefully they know how to setup Roon backups.

I don’t mind relying on Dropbox, but it is sooooo slow

I can’t recall exactly how storage is setup on the Innuos servers, and a lot of the team are out for the holidays, but can you let me know what you’re seeing in the file browser when try to set up the backup location?

As a general rule, backing up to the same hard drive as the database is something to avoid when possible. Network storage or a USB flash drive would be a better option, if possible.

Thanks for chiming in.

Nothing shows up automatically. Meaning the internal SDD on ZENith at 1 tb.

I tried to add it as “add network share “ under browse, but I get error message (see picture)

I attached an external HDD (portable) to ZENith via its USB back port, but that does not show up anywhere.

Thanks for your help!

If you add a USB flash drive to the correct USB port, ie not the audio one. Then login to the web browser at there is an option to configure backups. You need to enable the USB option here.

This will format and completely wipe the USB. Sorry but I don’t know how to do it as a partition without completely wiping the USB. Perhaps someone else can help with that.

Now if you login to Roon and navigate to Backups when you select location it should see the USB as “Zenith backup drive” or something like that.


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That did it. Thank you so much!

I had already connected an external HDD to Innuos’ backup USB port, and did music library backup once, but I had not set it to “Automatic “. As soon as I switched the toggle on to Automatic, that showed automatically under Roon Backups, and I forced one successfully

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