Roon became noticeably slower with latest 2.0 (build 1211) upgrade - large library

Roon Core Machine

ROCK v2.0 (Build 1182) on Intel NUC717BNH 7th Gen (Kaby Lake) Core i7 System, 64GB RAM, 256GB SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Main Router - Apple Airport Time Capsule using DHCP/NAT-PMP distributing via ethernet to four (4) ipTime access points (1 on each floor of home). Core connected directly via ethernet.

Using Static IP for Core and each Roon connected device in home.

NAS Storage

Library is stored on Synology DS1819+

Number of Tracks in Library

Tracks ~ 1.3M | Albums - 125K

As stated in the description, Roon has become noticeably slower with latest 2.0 - 1211 update. Can take up to 2 minutes to navigate to Artist or Album. Editing Primary Artist noted this morning that it took almost 10 minutes to call up the Artist Search. Can take up to a minute to load a track to start playing an album. Once the album is playing the tracks seem to load ok.

In the past whenever things got sluggish a restart of the Core would bring things to normal but with this update, it does not help.

I know the library I have is on the upper edge and from time to time various releases would have some problems where I would have to restart frequently. But this one in particular is very noticeable and a restart of the core make no difference. I also noticed a few others reporting similar issues.

Note that nothing changed in my setup or library. The issues started immediately after this update.

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Further to my initial post, release (1211) has made Roon essentially unusable. Within one hour of rebooting the core, adding just one album from Tidal will take almost 30-minutes to analyze. Changing to a new track or album takes over a 1 minute to process. There must be a huge memory leak somewhere with this release that is really noticeable with larger libraries.

Again the problem started immediately after updating to this release. No other changes were made to my setup or library.

I sincerely hope that this issue is being looked into and will be addressed in the coming release!

It could also be you’ve outgrown mobile CPUs with your library size and need the horsepower of a full desktop CPU, like an Intel® Core™ i9-13900 Processor.

@Rugby Agree there is an upgrade in hardware at some point in the future when I have time to migrate the library over, but again this problem occurred immediately after the update. No change in library size or anything else occurred between what was working and what is no not. I have seen this before with some releases as has others with large libraries (ie @Uwe_Albrecht).

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