Roon becomes unresponsive after running for a while

It seems that with the latest update it has worsened.

I also noticed that when I bring back Roon to the front (and from being hidden) after a day or so and the view is of a specific album, then the UI will most probably hang. If the view is “My Albums” then I can get away with the UI hang.

Please remember that only the UI hangs. The core part can still play music when using an iPhone or another mac to control it. But if I leave it in that state Roon will keep burning ~100% of CPU.

Hi @Vexari ,

Thank you for the continued reports. I enabled diagnostics on your Mac once more and I am noticing something abnormal here.

It looks like Roon is trying to mount lots of Time Machine folders, all at once, they are all originating from this path: /Volumes/.timemachine/4D3...A083/2022-12-...59.backup

Can you please try to exclude Roon from watching this folder by adjusting your Watched Folder settings in Roon Settings → Storage?

Hi @noris ,

I don’t have any storage in Roon directing to my timemachine HDD ?
All the watched folders in Roon are on an external Thunderbold SSD drive.
I have also scheduled backups to a folder in my DropBox folder on my internal drive.
I also excluded Roon main database from my timemachine.