Roon Bridge build 806 not available

where can I download bridge 806 manually?

the website still does provide:

1.7 (build 571) stable

I was able to update my two Diet-Pi bridges from Roon’s “About” screen… but can’t help with the separate download, though

I doubt that there are different versions for Linux based systems…

I’ve asked the question of Spockfish over in the Ropieee forum…

There is also no update available for Roon Bridge on my Windows 10 laptop and no update on my Raspberry Pi 4 with VitOS.

If I download Roon Bridge for Windows (64-bit) I get version 571.


Same here. The Roon Bridge download for Windows (64-bit) is still version 571.
@mike did you forget to change the file?

Hang tight guys, checking on this one.

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You should be able to grab Roon Bridge (Build 806) from our downloads page now. FWIW, this Roon Bridge update only includes one change for some folks who were experiencing cut-offs at the start of playback:

  • Improved calculation of CoreAudio and WASAPI buffers to prevent audio samples from being cut off at start of playback.

it is 806 now, thanks:

1.8 (build 806) stable

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I might be wrong but, as far as I’m aware, the Roon Bridge update will be included in a future update of Ropieee (or equivalent).

Unless you’re using a self-configured Roon Bridge I don’t think that you need to do anything.


What this man says.

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Still 1.7 b571 here. Just downloaded and re-installed (Norway) after waiting 8 hours. Might be that cloud replication is slow? Maybe a direct link to a cloud node known to have 806? @mavmcl ?

You’re running Ropieee - and Harry (Spockfish - the developer of Ropieee) has said that B806 of Roon Bridge is not relevant for Ropieee at the moment - the fix in the build is for the Windows version. So version 1.7 B571 is still the current build in Ropieee.

Yes I have a Ropieee installation, but I am using a Windows bridge at the moment (to get 192kHz from my DAC via ASIO) so I need the 64bit Win binary.

You can download the Windows binary from the Roon Labs download page - the link is now fixed apparently.

Thanks. This time I got the latest version. b806 installed and working :slight_smile:

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