Roon can't connect to Roon Server running on same computer

Roon Server Machine

Apple M2 Mac Mini (2023) running Mac OS 14.2.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Should not apply; server and client are on same computer

Connected Audio Devices

HDMI from computer to HiSense TV
Optical Audio from TV to Schiit Modi+
RCA stereo from Schiit Modi+ to receiver

Number of Tracks in Library

Lots (X0,000+)
Can’t confirm real count as I can no longer get Roon up and running

Description of Issue

Recently reinstalled Roon after failing to get a backup up and running after a hard drive failed.
Reinstall seemingly went well; rebuild library from files on two external hard drives and connected Tidal account. Tested and confirmed that both local files and Tidal files played in Roon.
Now–a few days later–Roon won’t start. Get a variety of errors that generally imply that the Roon client can’t connect to Roon Server. Sometimes the status bar icon says that the server is running, sometimes it says that it’s not.

I did not. I had set the server (or “Roon Core,” I guess) to “Launch at Startup” from the status bar up top:
Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 4.35.42 PM

I have now set the “Open at Login” flag under options from the dock. It does attempt to launch at startup now, but it fails to connect in the same way:

  1. The Roon logo bounces for an extended time
  2. It eventually goes to a countdown timer labeled “Waiting for your Roon server”
  3. It fails to connect

After failing to connect, sometimes it says “Uh Oh, something’s not right” and eventually returns to the bouncing Roon logo, sometimes it will offer me a button to connect to my pre-existing server on this computer (which eventually fails and restarts this loop), and sometimes it offers me two buttons: a choice to search for the server or set a new one up. Everything restarts this loop.

I periodically check the server status up top, sometimes (throughout the same launch attempt) it will say “Roon Server Status: Running” and sometimes it will say “Roon Server Status: Not responding”

Hi @Robert_Riemersma,

Thanks for taking the time to write in, and I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues connecting Roon on your same server machine!

Can you confirm Roon is listed as a proper firewall exception? Does the issue still occur if you temporarily disable your mac firewall?

How is your mac connected to your router/network?

I’ll be on standby for your reply. Thanks! :+1:

Hi; thanks for responding.

I don’t have a firewall configured on my Mac. I connect to the router via WiFi.

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I just wanted to highlight that a question was asked about my firewall and networking setup, and I provided those details. I didn’t want my support request to get buried under this other guys (maybe similar) issues, so I wanted to flag this for response. I don’t use a firewall, and my mac connects to my router via Wifi.

What are our next steps towards troubleshooting this? Is this a case of the client trying to connect to an obsolete server, per this other guy’s suggestion? (I don’t know how to check or fix that, if that’s the case.)

Hi @Robert_Riemersma,

Can you please provide more details around your network setup, and also test out hardwiring your mac directly to your router?


Are we sure that’s necessary? My client and server are on the same computer. This should work whether the computer is networked or not, right?

I only challenge the ask because I would have to go out and buy ethernet cable to hard-wire the computer to the router. I’d rather not make a physical purchase unless that’s absolutely a necessary step.

My WiFi router is a TP-Link AX3000 WiFi 6 router. I don’t know what other details you might need.

Hi @Robert_Riemersma,

A tedious ask, but an important one for next steps in troubleshooting.

Do you have a mobile device you can also test with connecting to your Roon Server on the mac? In the meantime, getting a fresh set of the Remote logs on the Mac would be helpful. Please use the directions found here and send over a set of Roon logs (not Roon Server) to our File Uploader?