Roon can't play qobuz

Room will play tracks from Tidal but no from qobuz.

Try logging out from Qobuz in Roon (Settings > Services > Qobuz) and then logging in again. Use your email as your username. That is now required by Qobuz. Does that help?

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I am also not able to log into Qobuz. I have logged out and in several times through Roon. I am able to log into Qobuz directly so I know my credentials are not an issue.

I logged out and when I try to log back in, I get the message:

“Network error: Please check your connection”

My network is fine as I can connect to Tidal, as well as everything else is working.

And qobuz works when I am directly in the qobuz app.

Unfortunately that has little bearing on Qobuz inside of Roon as it is considerably more bandwidth intensive than Qobuz lightweight standalone app.

How is your Roon Core connected?
By Ethernet cable or WiFi?

And one assumes you have already rebooted everything?

Before you try anything else reboot your roon core server.

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Rebooted the Roon Core. Working!

Thank you!

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Same here, rebooting solved it also for me!

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