Roon can't play Tidal through Lumin D2

A dac would normally have a usb B socket - the squareish looking one with 2 beveled corners…different to type A that is rectangular…if this is on a dac it’s most likely for connecting a HDD

Tagging @support here for you seeing as they haven’t popped in yet

Yes I think it is for an HDD. I tried playing something, nothing at all, won’t even search for the track. for some reason the problem seems worse in the morning. I just uninstalled Roon so will either reinstall on the Surface or install on my computer but I bought the surface so the computer doesn’t need to he on to use Roon.

I reinstalled on the Surface, same problem. When I change the output to the device, the Surface, it plays immediately. So despite the pop up message saying Tidal is having a problem loading it really seems to be a communication problem between the Surface and the Lumin.

Hi @Frank_Gattuso,

Is your Lumin D2 up to date on the latest firmware? You mentioned that the Lumin is currently on WiFi, is there any change in behavior if you temporarily connect the DAC via Ethernet (Cat5/6) cable to the router?

I can’t connect via Ethernet, I explained this to the retailer so they suggested the Wi-Fi extender and its been working fine for 10 months until now. Roon plays on the Surface Pro fine, just can’t communicate with the Lumin suddenly. Strangely the problem is worse in the morning, last night it was playing ok, this morning nothing. I tried reinstalling on the Surface and changing it to my computer as a Core, same problem

Any other suggestions?

nevermind i resolved sorry

Power down the Lumin using the rear power switch.
Power cycle the Wi-Fi extender.
Wait for 5 minutes, then power up the Lumin.

Please state the model of your WiFi extender and your WiFi router, and whether you have separate SSID for 2.4GHz and 5GHz which is a best practice.

Some extra info for other readers:
Lumin does not support WiFi, although one may use wifi to Ethernet conversion.
Lumin D2 cannot be used as a USB DAC. Its only input is network.

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The router is an Arris Surfboard SBG6900-AC. I don’t know about SSDI and 2.4 or 5. The Wi-Fi extended is a Netgear Powerline 1200.

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon on Windows Surface tablet with Windows 10.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wi-Fi with Arris SBG6900-AC modem. Netgear Powerline 1200 extender.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Lumin D2, Wi-Fi.

Description Of Issue

Been using since early 2019 with no issues. Recently changed some default settings and problem started that day. I cue up a track and hit play, sometimes it plays ok, sometimes nothing happens for a long delay, 30 seconds maybe, and then it plays, sometimes it searches for the track for a few seconds and then stops. Also will sometimes play the track but stop after instead of playing next song on album when set to do so, same problem it searches and then stops. Wi-Fi signal is strong on the Surface, all other devices in the home working with no problems, and the Lumin app has no problems working. I changed the settings back to where they were with no help. One of the settings I changed and then back to default is Resync delay under Device setup. Its now at 0ms. Any thoughts?

Hi @Frank_Gattuso,

From our Knowledge Base:

Resync Delay

This setting is primarily used when an S/PDIF, AES, or I2S connection is involved. Oftentimes, a DAC will take a little bit of time to lock onto a new audio signal–sometimes as long as a few seconds.

This setting causes Roon to play a configurable duration of silence whenever it begins a new stream. Like the last setting, this one is a problem solver. If you find that the beginnings of songs are being cut off, or you’re getting a lot of clicks and pops while your DAC locks on to an S/PDIF signal at the start of playback, try increasing this setting. 500ms is a good starting point. If that doesn’t work, try gradually increasing it from there.

We default this to a very small value because it produces delays in Roon’s user experience. Consider that when setting it up–unless you have an uncommonly slow DAC, settings longer than 1-2 seconds are probably not necessary.

Resync delay helps when switching between tracks and with clicks/pops, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that it would help with starting playback.

I would say that the issue is more likely in this area. Powerline adapters are known to cause issues in Roon, as mentioned in our Networking Best Practices. Is the behavior the same if you bypass this adapter?

Similarly, does the same issue occur when the Lumin is plugged in via Ethernet? Does this same issue occur for multiple endpoints, even for “System Output” for example? It would be good to get the answer to this question because it would help separate if this is a Core issue or an endpoint-specific issue.

I can’t connect via Ethernet, the router is on the other side of the house. The problem does not occur when streaming Tidal through System Output on the Surface Pro, only through the Lumin. Also no problem when playing from my tracks stored in Roon. I don’t recall storing these songs in tracks but somehow there are 129 there and the seem to play fine. I tried the other gentleman’s suggestion of powering everything down and unplugging for 5 minutes. No help.

Hi @Frank_Gattuso,

I have merged your two threads so that we can have all the information in one place.

This piece of info indicates that we need to take a closer look at the Lumin connection.

I realize that you mentioned that keeping the Lumin connected to the router long-term is not possible, but fora temporary test, can you please try connecting it directly to the router and let me know if the issue remains the same?

We have often seen powerline adapters cause issues with Roon, and my suggestion is to get this aspect out of the way so that we can progress forward. If can confirm that this is indeed the issue, we would recommend using a mesh-style network instead of powerline adapters.

Hi, thanks for combining the two threads. I removed the Lumin from my system and connected it to the router directly with the ethernet cable that was going into the Netgear Powerline right next to the router. I obviously could not hear anything but was able to visualize Roon operating. At first, the problem seemed to stop, except for a long 15/20 second delay in starting some tracks. I was skipping around different tracks within an album and searching for new artists and selecting tracks and seemed fine. But, then after about 15 minutes of this the same problem started. Wouldn’t play a track at all or would start and stop a few seconds in with a popup message about Tidal not tracking properly and suggesting a network issue. So, does this experiment help? Is the problem the router since system output plays fine? And why do I not seem to have the problem when playing tracks stored in Roon? Or maybe I haven’t tried that enough to conclude there is no problem with those stored tracks?

Hi @Frank_Gattuso,

Thank you for running that test. From your results, this appears to be an issue with the endpoint, but to fully verify this aspect, can I please request that you try playing to “System Output” for an extended period of time (let it run a day in the background) for both TIDAL content and local content and note if you have any issues?

@Frank_Gattuso please turn off everything including the modem, router, extender and Lumin. Power cycle the moden and the router, wait for 5 minutes, then turn everything else back on.

To Peter Lie, thank for the suggestion but I tried it yesterday with no change.

To Noris, I played Roon through System Output for 6 hours last night and 2 hours this morning with no problems at all, tracks loaded immediately and Roon Radio played continuously with no issues. Perhaps I haven’t done this as long as you suggested, but I think its a long enough sample to move on to what you think the issue is, you mentioned an endpoint issue, and what I can do about it. Thanks for all your help so far.

Tried it again today, no change. Following up on what I can do? Thanks.

Hi @Frank_Gattuso,

Since System Output plays as expected, I believe this issue is related to the specific endpoint or the connection to the endpoint.

Just to clarify - both the PC and the Lumin are connected to the primary router when this issue occurs (as in the PC is not connected to the WiFi extender)?

The Lumin D2 should have an Airplay input option in Roon as well, can you please check if this input is affected by this issue as well?

I had not yet tried connecting a Core to the router. I connected the Lumin and the trouble kept occurring. My Core has been my Surface Pro which is Wi-Fi only, no ethernet port. I switched the Core to a PC, moved it to the router and connected via Ethernet, and Roon works great. So looks like I now need my Core to be connected via Ethernet instead of a tablet using Wi-Fi. Problem is this isn’t possible without having someone run a long ethernet cable in the basement and install a port on the first floor. Also I don’t like using a PC as a Core, I like the portability of a tablet. So, where does this leave me? Lumin prefers Ethernet, would a streamer from a different company with a Wi-Fi option possibly work better? Do IPads work better than Microsoft and Android tablets for using as a Wi-Fi Core?