Roon Can't See Chromecast Devices

Hi all,

I’ve read the previous threads and tried all the rebooting suggestions, but for some reason Roon can’t see any of the three Chromecasts or the three Chromecast Audio devices I have in my home.

Roon Core is running on a dedicated Windows 10 laptop, i3-1005G1 with a 128GB SSD and 4GB of RAM. It’s connected via wireless networking to a Google WiFi mesh (and I believe Google WiFi now supports multicast). All the Chromecast devices also connect wirelessly to the same mesh and are on the same IP range. Local music is stored on a Synology NAS and it’s connected via LAN through a TP-Link TL-SG1016D 16-port gigabit switch to the Google WiFi. All the wired devices in my home connect through this same switch.

Roon can “see” my Sonos devices, and my two Sky Q boxes, but not any of the Chromecast devices.

Some pointers would be welcome, thank you!

Make sure your firewall is off

Thank you, after a bit of tinkering that seems to have done the trick!

The Core machine runs Kaspersky Security Cloud - the free version, and has Windows Firewall enabled. I disabled both, rebooted and now I can see all the Google devices in Roon.

I didn’t want to leave the machine in that state however, so I turned both on, one at a time, with reboots in between and for some reason, I can still see all the Google Chromecasts.

Odd, but I’m happy with the result.

…although, if one of the Chromecast devices goes off the network (such as the Chromecast Audio that’s powered by my integrated amp), Roon loses sight of it even when the power is restored and I have to go in and disable the firewall again.

In the Windows Firewall, both raatserver.exe and roonappliance.exe are listed twice, with the first instance approved (checked) and the second not. The first instances both have private networking allowed.

Anyone know if there’s something else to look for? Thanks!

There is probably a port the CCA is using that’s not part of the basic roon apps maybe

I also am experiencing some problems with CCA. After a while Roon doesn’t see the CCA anymore. Casting from other apps such as the Tidal app still works. Restarting Roon usually solves the problem.

I am sorry to see that Roon once again doesn’t see the CCA anymore. Do other users encounter the same problem? How to solve this?

I just purchase a CCA. I’ve read all the post and can’t get Roon to see the CCA. I’ve rebooted everything. Casting from other apps works. Roon core is on dedicated server with all firewall turned off. The server can see the CCA from Google Chrome as a cast device. But Roon does not see it.
Has there been any updates to CCA connection from Roon? Am I missing something?

Does Google Home see it?

@CrystalGipsy Yes. I used Google Home to set it up. Got the “tone”. Cast works fine. Chrome sees it as a cast device on the Roon server. Tidal can play to it.

@CrystalGipsy - My mistake. I found it under setup/audio and was able to enable the speaker. Sorry for the trouble.