Roon Core closing down when trying to backup

Roon Core Machine


Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Node 2 new version

Number of Tracks in Library

250 000 tracks

Description of Issue

Every time the backup starts the Roon Core shuts down after 25-30 seconds.
Pretty sure it started after the latest update.

If you want speedy and competent help, a complete system rundown from your ISP socket to your DAC including software and firmware versions, where applicable, type of connections and cable make identification would certainly make sense.

It may also be helpful to offer your core’s logs for scrutiny by @support
Here’s a link to how to retrieve logs.

Good luck!

When a programmed backup starts the Core shuts down. This happens also when initiating a backup from my IPad.
When starting a backup from my computer the backup just fails not shutting down.

Hey @Robert_Lidstrom,

Thanks so much for letting us know of the issue you ran into - sorry about the trouble!

Could you please take a moment to share the information about your setup, as described in this post?

I’ll then be able to take the logs and the complete setup information to our technical team for investigation :nerd_face:

Hi Rebecka,

I have a computer with Windows 10. Intel Core i5 9600K 16GB RAM
Roon build 831.
Internet Service Provider is Telia Fiber LAN
Audio device is Bluesound Node with analog connections to a NAD 328 amplifier.
The device Is connected with Ethernet.
My library contains of 250 000 tracks. 20 000 of them are ripped tracks on a WD MyBook Live.
I use both Tidal and Qobuz as streaming services.
Kind regards
Robert Lidström

Thanks @Robert_Lidstrom,

I do appreciate you taking the time to share the info right away. This thread is now with our technical team, so they can take a look at the logs.

Any chance you remember approximately the date and time you attempted the backup and it failed? This will help our technical team find the error much faster in your logs :slight_smile:

Hi Rebeka,

I think the first time was a week ago and then a couple tryouts the following days.

Kind regards

Hello @Robert_Lidstrom ,

Thank you for sending that file over, we have taken a look, but we could not notice the issue in the file you sent.

Can you please reproduce the issue, note the exact local time + date of the failure, and send us a complete log set package (Roon_log.20 → Roon_log.txt) for review?

It is possible that the error is in one of the other log files, so it is always best to have them all when reviewing, thank you!

Time for failed backup 19.17 CEST (7.17 PM CEST) 8 th October.

Kind regards

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Hello @Robert_Lidstrom ,

Thank you for sending those log files and timestamp over! We have reviewed the logs and we are seeing the following error at the time you mentioned:

10/08 19:17:32 Warn: [broker/backups] unexpected error doing backup on FileBrowser.Entry: [C:], Samsung SSD 970 EVO 250GB : \Users\User\Desktop\RoonBackups: System.IO.IOException: Det finns inte tillräckligt med utrymme på disken.

This error seems to indicate that there is no more free space on your 250GB drive to perform the backup. We’re not seeing any other crashes in the logs except for this space issue. If you wish to free up space and need a tool, WinDirStat has helped in the past:

Hope this helps!


Thanks for helping me out !
I changed the backup destination to another SSD and that worked just fine.

I have another question.
I wish to use Soundiiz. Where can I find the “export” view ? I have the latest upgrade and I can’t find it.

Kind regards

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Hi @Robert_Lidstrom ,

Glad to hear that another SSD is working as expected!

You find the Soundiiz option under the regular export menu after selecting which tracks/albums you wish to export (right click tracks/albums → 3-dot menu at the top → export). Then you can open Soundiiz App → Streaming Service → Your Library → Import Tracks (top right corner) → Point it to the CSV Roon generated. Hope this helps!

Hi !

Thank for your help with this.
I was looking for the “export” option on my Ipad. I almost never navigate from my computer. But thanks again it’s really a great tool being able to export Roon playlists to Tidal.
Kind regards

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