Roon Core does not recognise the ST60

I had setup Roon on my mac prior to this issue being resolved. I can play Tidal etc from my desktop currently, so Roon is working properly. Both my ST60 and my mac are connected to the same network via ethernet. On Roon, when I click on “Configure Roon OS Core”, the device is searching for Roon OS Core, but it does not recognise the ST60. I tried the same using my iPhone, same thing there, Roon can not spot ST60. Any suggestions on what I am missing? Thanks in advance. Tunc

A lot of people trip up with this one, Roon have changed the wording but I still feel it could be improved.

This function is only for devices running Roon OS such as a Nucleus or NUCs running ROCK.
Roon OS is an operating system and not to be confused with Roon the application.

Roon should automatic find and display the ST60 as a networked audio device, if it is not it suggests a possible network issue. I’m moving you post over to #support so Roon’s support team can advise.

In the meantime I would recommend making sure the ST60’s firmware is up to date and then rebooting all your network equipment router, switches etc. and the device that running your Roon Core.

I reset my wifi, iMac and ST60. The network version in ST60 is v813 which is the latest as far as I know. My Roon Core is running properly on my mac, which is connected to my cable modem via ethernet. My ST60 is also connected to my cable modem via ethernet. I have enabled “accept connections from remotes” under Roon’s setup. What do I need to do for Roon to play on ST60? Any help would be appreciated.

Generally: Make sure that everything is setup correctly on the ST60 (there may be a special option to enable Roon Ready), then open Roon on any of your controls and go to Settings|Audio, find the ST60 there and enable it. Now it should be available as an audio zone you can play to.

If you just updated to the latest firmware, did you reset your ST60? From the ARCAM ST60 Software Release Notes:

  1. Once the update has finished as indicated by Update Complete on the front panel display perform a Factory Reset
    using the System Settings > Net Reset and System Settings > System Reset menu options. *

* The unit MUST be restored to factory defaults and any setup changes made again after an update.

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The ST60 is an audio device not a Roon core!

The problem is that ST60 does not show up under audio unfortunately…driving me nuts as I’m keen to use it, waited so long for this certification…trying to find out what’s missing