Roon Core Freezing [Answered]


I am having a problem with Roon Core freezing. It will go unresponsive for maybe a minute or so and come back for a few seconds before freezing again.

Roon core (latest 64 bit version 247) is running on an i7 HP laptop with a clean install of Windows 10. Very little else is installed. Samsung 256Gb SSD and 8Gb ram. Music folder is on a Synology NAS over Gb ethernet.

It freezes regardless of what audio device is attached, internal soundcard or external USB. Otherwise the laptop is working perfectly, no other software affected.

Some help diagnosing the problem would be greatly aprreciated



Hi @BE718 ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, both are appreciated!

Moving forward, can you provide me with some insight into what you are doing (in app) when your core is freezing? I am curious if this issue is being triggered by the same action(s) each time. Furthermore, I would like to grab a set of logs from you, for our team to evaluate. May I kindly ask you to please reproduce this issue, note the time when the observations is made, and use the instructions found here to upload us a set of logs.


Hi Eric,
Thanks for your quick response. The problem appears immediately at application start, so I am not doing anything in particular to trigger it.
Please find a set of logs here:



Hi, @BE718,thanks for your patience and information! We requested logs from you to check if there are some signs of our software bad performance, but when I took a look at your logs, I saw that there aren’t any examples of our app doing the wrong thing. Sometimes it can be audio analysis that causes such troubles, because it is an “expensive” CPU-process for the machine . For the next step of troubleshooting I’d like to suggest you to turn Background Audio Analysis off, let Roon to run some time and see if the freezes go away.


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Based on its age it could be struggling a little with the architecture of the laptop more than anything. I see you are running it on a ssd installed OS but how much free disk is there available?

Hi Ivan

Thanks for the response. The background analysis is set to throttled and the cpu load is circa 10% so this seems unlikely to be the problem. The laptop carries on running fine otherwise when Roon jams up and is very responsive. On demand analysis was set to fast, which I think is the default, but I do not know when this kicks in.

The only other bit of info I can offer is that the issue isnt continous, it does have periods when it runs ok, it will start up and behave. When working all the album artist pictures load up instantly when scrolling. I know it going to jam when I start the application because the pictures dont load or very slowly load. Its as if it cant read the database.

Hi wizard

Its a 4 core (8 logical) i7, 210 Gb free on the drive. Its quite capable of running Roon :slight_smile:

Hi @BE718 ---- Thank you for touching base with us!

Moving forward, the next time you make this observation (i.e Roon Core freezing) can you please open the task manager and share a screenshot of what the CPU usage looks like while in this state.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Thanks, Will do


After a period of working OK my Roon core has started freezing again, and this time it appears to be nearly every time I start it.

The artwork loads extremely slowly in bursts of a few seconds in between freezes. CPU usage is very low. The only interesting new thing I have noticed is that the core seems to be working just fine in the background. I can access it and play from other PCs and it is working very well and fast! The problem only appears to be the Cores own GUI!

Help greatly appreciated


I notice that your laptop has Intel HD Graphics 4000 hardware. I suspect that this (or rather some interaction between the driver, Windows, and OpenGL) is at the root of the problem.

One possible workaround is to install the 32bit version of Roon on the laptop. That should sidestep the issue. Take a backup first, then restore the backup to preserve all your settings and edits in Roon.

Thanks Geoff, that sounds like it.

I will play with different graphics drivers and change to 32 bit if necessary.

Any updates from dev team to see if the root cause of the problem can be fixed?

thanks again


It’s a thorny issue that has been around for a long time, I’m afraid. It also seems to come and go with subsequent updates to either Windows or the graphics driver.

I’ve had to resort to using the 32 bits version of Roon on both my Surface 3 and my ThinkPad 10 (the latter originally worked perfectly for months, but with the pre-release version of the Fall Creators Update for Windows, it became unresponsive with the 64 bits version of Roon).


Just updated the graphics driver, seemed to be Windows stock from 2015 (think it was .4353) to the latest Intel (.4653) from here:

Touch wood, at the moment it is working OK…

Well that only lasted a couple of days and back to freezing again. I have now downgraded to 32bit install as suggested and we will see how that goes.

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