Roon Core not seeing ELAC Discovery Endpoint

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

TECHNICOLOR Wireless Cable Gateway Model CGA4234DGW
NUC connected via ethernet.

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Description of Issue

I can’t get the Roon core to recognize the ELAC Discovery endpoint. It doesn’t show any available audio devices since none are connected directly to the CORE.

Randy, does an iPhone or Android phone see the core via your wireless network? If not, this may indicate a network configuration issue (the overall network, the Core, connected to your gateway, the Discovery, or somewhere else).

Yes, my iPhone can see the core as well as my laptop which is running Windows.

Can you see the Discovery on your network through the admin page of your gateway (in other words, is the Discovery on your network)? Also, have you rebooted 1) your gateway, 2) your NUC/ROCK, and 3) the Discovery?

Well, therein lies my problem I believe. I don’t see the Discover on the Gateway. I only see the ROCK server even after a complete reboot. But the Discover has an IP address and it’s shows it connected to the network. With the same default gateway address as the ROCK server.

Maybe reboot the Discovery a few more times? I don’t have one so not sure what to do. Can you delete the Discovery from your network and reconfigure it again?

I’ve rebooted the entire system. Main modem, router, ROCK server, DISCOVERY. Connected the Discovery to the network via wireless, app says it’s connected, has a MAC address, IP address, etc, but I still don’t see it on the gateway. I’m probably in over my head with the whole thing honestly. Probably going to see some ELAC devices and an INTEL NUK on eBay pretty soon.

Is this the Discovery Music Server or the Discovery Connect that you have?

It is the Discovery Connect

And how have you got the Discovery Connect connected? Via wired ethernet or WiFi? And are you sure its IP address is in the same network range as your Roon Core? Thanks.

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So I think this is where it gets confusing to me. The Roon Core is connected via Ethernet cable to a WIFI router/booster. The Discovery was connected via Coax to Ethernet pass through to the main Cable modem. But the server has the same IP range as both modems. If that makes any sense. And if I make my laptop the Roon Core, Roon sees the Discovery as well as the ELAC Z3 speaker that I have

Best to connect the Discovery either via WiFi or directly with a cable to the WiFi router and not the cable modem. I believe you have created two networks and the Discovery needs to be on the same network as the WiFi router and the Core.

Well, I tried the Discovery with WiFi as well, but I’ll try that again. I thought the same thing about separate networks

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand this. The Coax output on the Connect is for audio, nothing to do with network connectivity.

I should have been more clear: The device was connected via Ethernet to a Ethernet over coax adapter

Physically move everything to be able to remove the adaptor from the chain and see if it is seen then.

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I managed to get it on the network through the WiFi but now keep getting the audio file loading slowly message. Although it finally played one track all the way through for the first time just now. And I honestly don’t know why. For two days it would only play 2-6 seconds of a track before throwing the error message. It’s currently playing without a problem. Now if I could just get my Z3 back on the network but that’s a whole different situation.

You must have better WiFi signal today, maybe less “competition” from other neighborhood users.

Briefly. Same message after a short time. Frustrating

Same here, i have a strong suspicion it was introduced by the latest Roon upgrade. A while ago I experienced the same problem for days until another update magically resolved it.


Elac Discovery DS-A101-G, latest firmware (1.0.49)
Roon Nucleus, 1.8 latest (build 988), both server and Elac on Ethernet, I can ping both the Roon server and the Elac