Roon Core on Mac Mini - How To Rip CDs

I considered purchasing a Nucleus as my dedicated core. After reading the Black Friday Nucleus deal only in the US thread I believe I will get a Mac Mini instead and install a 2 TB SSD.

I’m thinking it would give me more options if I decide to leave Roon. I am satisfied with the Roon platform now and currently using my iMac as the core but would like to re-rip my CDs at 16 bit into a SSD.

Any thoughts?

That’s perfectly logical, especially if you are happy with how things are working on your current iMac.
What kind of DAC do you have?
I also have an internal drive in my NUC running ROCK. I am very happy with it. There are some who prefer a SSD drive attached via USB as it can offer more flexibility.
Personally, I like the neatness of the internal drive and don’t need the potential upsides of a USB drive. But it is worth considering.

Oh! Welcome to the community @Cal_Smith!

Thanks Scott. I have a Bryston BDA 3.14 DAC/Streamer with a Cat 7 Ethernet connection.
I’m really happy with the sound quality but find the Manic Moose software a little difficult to navigate.
That’s why I went to Roon which greatly simplifies things.

Perfect! That’s RoonReady so you can stash the Mini anywhere.