Roon Core on Synology NAS + Wiim Pro devices

Roon Core Machine

Running Core on DS918+ with NVMe storage for Roon DB
Latest version of DSM7 and Roon Core

Networking Gear & Setup Details

  • DS918 is on a different network that client devices (VLAN 12) although the client network can access Roon Core without issues
  • All devices are connected with gigabit ethernet (wired)
  • Wiim Pro device is on same network as clients (VLAN 15)

Connected Audio Devices

Roon Desktop (PC) on client network and can see the Roon Core
Wiim Pro
Wiim Mini (not sure this will work given it doesn’t say Roon Ready)

Number of Tracks in Library

21,110 tracks (currently for test)

Description of Issue

Roon says “no audio devices found” and when I click on “manage audio devices” I just get a blank page. There isn’t any ability to add devices manually, and I suspect that the Wiim devices are not showing up automatically because they are on a different network segment.

Yes. See also:

I cannot move the Wiim (IoT) devices to the same network as the server. The Synology NAS also cannot be moved to the IoT network. All of these are separated for security. How do I manually add the Wiim devices to Roon Core?

You posted in the #support category of the forum, your current setup with Core and Output on separate VLANs is unsupported though. Roon Labs only supports setups with Core and Outputs in the same LAN (see the guide I already linked).

I’m just another Roon user like you. I can tell you that device detection is based on the multicast protocol. If detection works, you still need to allow communication between the Core and Outputs for music playback. Where do your Remotes reside? Same for them basically, just more communication needed for the remote (UI) part etc… So whats the point in having them in different subnets if you have to open up communication between the subnets anyway?

Please look into the #tinkering section of the forum and/or use the search function to find potential answers to your question (I’m sure you’re not the first one who asked this).

You cannot without much network tinkering to forward the specific ports, broadcast and Multicast that are required for endpoint discovery. Like most systems these days they require a flat network approach and are not supported on anything else. Your on you own to make them work. Remotes, Airplay and Chromecsst can work perfectly fine on different vlans however if you have mdns forwarding/repeating and the option that each vlan can talk to each other and are not fully isolated. I have a UniFi network setup and I currently do this as core and all RAAT zones on same network, Chromecast on its own and remote can be on any, but I am mostly on Roon.

Moved to the tinkering section where more help may arrive.

For now, I added another interface to the “General” VLAN on the NAS, and setup a firewall on that interface. I’ll have to address this more fully later, but I have mDNS and multicast working between networks for DNLA and Chromecast. It just didn’t seem to work with Roon and I was hoping that Roon had some way to manually add devices/hosts rather than only using discovery.

I’m running roon server in a docker container on the synology, with a MacVLAN assigned to a dedicated NIC for my audio VLAN. This way my Roon server is in a VLAN together with my audio devices, while keeping the NAS file & backup in my services VLAN.

Note that Roon on docker is also an unsupported setup, but numerous users are running it without issues.

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I was actually looking at moving Roon over to ROCK on a VM (w SMB over 10G networking between Roon Core and media storage) but running it in Docker on the NAS would be much simpiler. Do you have a link to instructions for setting up a docker instance of Roon Core?

I did my initial install based on the following post:

This was quite straightforward. However, it does not include instructions for adding the MacVLAN. I did get some good help on the community, which allowed me to better understand MacVLANs and docker compose.
I have some notes on it. If you’re interested I can share this, but it will take me some days before I get around to it.

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