Roon Core on Synology NAS?

(Art Levine) #1


I’ve read that it is possible to install a Roon Core on a Synology NAS, but need help in how to set it up. Can anyone please advise on a fairly easy way to begin?

I appreciate any advice!


(Daniel Beyer) #2

The first place I’d start is to review the Roon Faq:

Which model were you thinking about? It must have an Intel/AMD processor, and, I’d say at least 4 GB of RAM.

(Art Levine) #3

Thanks, I have seen the the link you sent. I have a Synology DS218+, but with the installed 2 GB of Ram. I could upgrade if necessary.

(Daniel Beyer) #4

How much of a machine you need to run RoonServer depends on how much music you have, how many simultaneous endpoints are being played to, and how much DSP and/or upsampling you will be employing on playback.

That machine has a couple of potential issues that might detract from providing a robust Roon experience, depending, of course, on usage as I mentioned above. Base suggested minimums, are an Intel i3 CPU, 4 GB RAM, and an SSD to run Roon on or in the case of a NAS, locate Roon’s database.

Please re-read the FAQ’s sections:

What will happen if Roon Server runs on a slower CPU (such as Atom or Celeron)?
What will happen if the Roon database runs on a spinning disk (non-SSD)?

As they will apply to you if using that NAS.

I would try it and see how it works. If the performance is acceptable then you are done. If you find that it is a bit slow, then you might have to increase the hardware if possible.

Also, please see this site as linked from the bottom of the FAQ:

(Art Levine) #5

Thanks, I’d like to try. My music files are on my NAS already, but if I’m successful can I change my Roon to the NAS instead of my Mac, or can I run Roon from either place without buying another subscription? If I can’t use both, is it possible to transfer my Roon software from my Mac to the NAS?

Created a shared folder and downloaded the RoonServer file “spk”, but don’t know how to install, and proceed from there.

I really appreciate your help. I’ve been using Roon for a while, but only had my NAS for a short time and still learning.

(Mr Fix It ) #6

Your roon lic is activated wherever you run it…and deactivated on the last place you ran it…no need to buy another lic

(Art Levine) #7

Thanks you…

(Art Levine) #8

Please help? I’m very confused. I believe I have Roon set up on my Synology NAS. Created a shared folder, installed the “spk”.My music is in a Roon Shared Music folder. Deactivated Roon on my Mac and Enabled my NAS. Cannot see any way to access or see the Roon app on my NAS, browser or Smart TV. How can I get to or control Roon from my NAS? Is there a Roon app that can be installed on my Synology NAS?

Many thanks, frustrated, but hopefully making progress.

(Christopher Rieke) #9

The regular Roon Software on Windows and Mac combines 3 segments of the Roon ecosystem: Core, Control and Output. (See this article for further information)
Roon Server only has 2 of these segments: Core and Output.
You still need to connect to the Core with the Roon app on a laptop, smartphone or tablet to control it. (You can select “Connect to a remote Core” at the beginning and it should find your Core on the NAS.

(Art Levine) #10

Thanks, I can now access through my iPhone. Is there a way to access Roon on my Smart TV also?

(Art Levine) #11

Thanks all for the support. I’m all set, but still wondering if it’s possible to access Roon on my NAS on the Samsung Smart TV…

(Mikael Ollars) #12

Short answer; No…

(Daniel Beyer) #13

You will want to also use a PC or tablet, as the phone version has fewer features and options.

(Art Levine) #14

Thanks, I will try my iPad as well…