Roon core unstable after an update. HARD DOWN

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC i7 with 16 GB of Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I have verizon FIOS the both Core and remote are hard wired to the router

Connected Audio Devices

My remote is an HP desktop running win 10 and is connected to my preamp

Number of Tracks in Library

Approximately 680k tracks connected

Description of Issue

Ive hit “update all”, im a beta tester, the core rebooted and when it finally came back up it will play about 2 minutes of music but then say “waiting on ROON core” and then the ugh oh message after about 5 minutes it comes back up and the cycle repeats PLEASE HELP IM HARD DOWN NOW

If you are running earlyaccess, it may be better to post in #early-access

Do you have backups? I would download and install a new image and restore from backup. 680k tracks is crazy and may well be contributing to your difficulties, especially if your db has been corrupted.

I am running Roon Server under Ubuntu 22.04 on a custom-built PC with 16 GB RAM. Since updating to Build 1148, I’ve noticed never-before seen peaks of RAM usage, up to 11 GB while eternally creating search indexes on the server. My library is nearing 245k tracks, so if the behavior on your machine is similar, 16 GB RAM with 608k tracks will never be enough.

I’ll add that previous to this last update, my Roon Server was comfortably and stably running with RAM usage between 5-6 GB and the odd peak at 7,5-8 GB. The new release has made RAM usage increase sharply.

That is interesting! Ive looked and my peaks are still in the 5-7 range… are you on the latest Beta

I’m on Build 1148 which is the latest stable release of the 2.0 series.

NUCi7 running ROON Rock

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Verizon Fios Hard wired from The NUC I have enabled Port Forwarding from my Core IP address and the port suggested in the Roon ARC setting in the setting on my remote as well i created a rule opening the 55000 port suggested in the help section

Connected Audio Devices

I have remotes on a desktop that is connected to my TV (a monitor really) and my samsung S22 Ultra which is where I downloaded The ARC app.

I have 686947 tracks in my library

Description of Issue

I hit update all when prompted and my Core has not been stable since. It will come up and i can play about 2 mins of music and then it says uh oh cant find core. It crashed for between 5 and 10 mins and then comes back up. Repeat.

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Ok did not know

Thanks. I did not know the other had posted as i couldnt see it.

Update. I have isolated the issue to ROON hanging up when scanning files. If i stop that it has stayed up. Its odd that it happened while updating the core. Any insight appreciated

What do you mean exactly by ‘scanning files’? I am right now up to over 11 GB RAM usage, while the server is processing the ‘Qobuz Storage Library’… And that process is now triggered every damned time I save new albums from Qobuz into Roon’s library. Something’s wrong with Roon’s RAM usage after the last update.

Can you try setting your library analysis to throttled then to see if this helps?

The audio analysis is set to off. Is that what you mean

If you set to off and it’s now ok what was it set at previously before you set to off?

No, you misunderstood. It was set to off before the update.

Ok now I’m confused here.
So how did you stop Roon “scanning files”?
I assumed that meant the audio analysis, which seems to not be the case.

Right. It scans for new files when the core starts. Thats what it was scanning for. I do not do on the fly audio analysis.

Got it.
Then it sounds like there maybe some corrupted files possibly which is causing it to hang.

Or is it just new files it is trying to scan here, have you added many albums of late?

I agree. Just not sure how stable files were corrupted by the update.