Roon core unstable after an update. HARD DOWN

That’s why I asked about recent new album additions.
Because if background analysis is set to off and you are not restoring a backup all Roon should be scanning is any new additions since it was last online.

So if this is the case would these be local files or streaming service?

I havent added any new albums in maybe 18 months.

Then I’m even more confused here as to why Roon is even scanning any files at all.
Might have to wait for @support here.

Thanks for your help. Yes it was odd

Yes, I agree. It will certainly take a look at the Core logs to see what actually is going on. In my case, the Core server starts up and stabilizes with expected RAM usage, until the ‘Storage Library’ and ‘Search Index Creation’ processes are triggered—usually by saving a new Qobuz album into the Roon library. With these processes running, RAM usage suddenly goes way up to never-before seen levels. And this is new after the recent B1148 update.

A couple of other people have mentioned full analysis began after the update so maybe there is something that causes it for some user’s.
In my mind 16GB Ram is probably not enough to hold the database for that number of tracks reliably.

@Ben_Katz I take it you had no issues before the update? Have you been doing regular backups and do they complete without issue? That would be a good sign

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Yes. Prior to this the experience was good and stable. I dont think its the RAM. I can perform flawless backups.

@Michael_Harris does have a good point on ram though, looking at it 16gb might now be pushing it for 680k tracks.
32gb might be a better bet for the long run.
However let’s wait for some official Roon comments.

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That’s good news that the backups have been working.
At least that means you should be able to get a clean restore if needed.

Memory still seems low for a library of that size, but with an in memory database that always worries me and I always want more memory to avoid possible corruption.

I have been running with 16GB Ram perfectly for over 2 years. So i get that there are a lot of people that point to the RAM but that hasnt been the case over a LONG period of time. Thanks for the comment though

Yes I understand that but what us mere mortals are not privvy to is any potential changes made during updates that might now make some previous process more Ram intensive.
Don’t know if that’s the case but I think at this stage we need wait for Roon support comments.


There have been others who have slowly had trouble, but as you have said you have not added music for 18 months then nothing changes, besides your play history.

If Roon runs out of memory the database can corrupt, that is why we are pointing this out as a possible cause.

This could possibly happen if you’re Roon wants to do a full scan of your library for some reason. But as @AceRimmer has said hopefully someone from the support team will pick it up tomorrow.

I think thats right

I have now read there are many people in my predicament. Is there any guidance

OK some things to check… FAN clogged… this will throttle and eventually may shut down/restart the NUC…clean out the fan - unless its fanless and then how hot if the NUC getting?

what format is the external hard drive with your music -assuming you are not using a networked drive…some issues have been noted for NTFS where drivers have been updated in the ROCK OS

If you are on early release I can move this to an appropriate area for you.

I agree , the Roon OS 2.0 update started a re-scan on an exFAT formatted USB External drive .

Eventually I reformatted the drive to NTFS and recopied te files ,it didn’t rescan for the second copy , the file structure was kept the same.

It’s all finished and all quiet again , just a bit of a flurry as I applied the original OS 2.0 update

That’s a lot of tracks to get thru scanning, I have 50% of that ind it can take a while

Thanks. Fan is not clogged the NUC stands alone. Not HOT. The drive is fairly new and i have 3 others that are fine. The syatem is hanging on only 1. They all have the dame file system.

Thank you for the response. I understand a high volume following a release. I believe it is NTFS. I can check it out on another computer. The real issue is that another drive that holds a lot of my 16 bit stuff i had to unplug bc it just kept hanging while scanning. I did unplug that drive and it worked perfectly and scanned clean on another computer.

Hey @Ben_Katz,

It’s great to see you on the Roon Community! You have my sincerest apologies for the delayed response here, we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume following our release and we’re working as quickly as we can to get back to everyone.

We were able to take a closer look into your account after enabling diagnostics. We’re seeing a large amount of errors and failures surrounding your Seagate drive : Hi_Rez_Seagate_Expansion_Desk_NA8FWS04_D850C80150C7E47A-p2.

Is that an exFAT or NTFS drive? If possible, would you be able to connect this drive to another PC and perform a disk check?

We’ll be discussing this in further detail tomorrow on a call with our developers, so I should have more information to share with you then.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1: