Roon crash after running for few days from memory leak [Resolved]

I install Roon on Windows 10 and connect DAC to this PC through USB port.
This PC has 8GB memory (RAM), using SSD and connect to switch using wired LAN.
I also connect 2 SONOS to this Roon through WiFi which mean I have 3 audio devices, main output through USB DAC and 2 SONOS through WiFi.

My library is on Iomega NAS which connect to switch through LAN.

I normally leave Roon run on my PC so I can listen to music whenever I want.
It work well for many months however, few weeks ago it start crashing after 1-2 days.
I restart PC and start Roon which it start working again for few days and crash again.
When it crash, I do not have much information since my PC stop responding and the screen become blank.

However, on of the crash show the information the describe the crash as the memory is too low.
I do not have exact error text as my PC stop responding and I have to turn off and on my PC.

I try to find out what I have changed before this crash as it use to work well.
Few things I have done to this PC:

  1. Upgrade Windows 10 to version 1703 (OS Build 15063.413)
  2. Change my internal storage from HDD to SSD.

I also try to observe my available RAM through Task Manager.
When I restart PC, on Processes tab of Task Manager, Roon will consume 538.1 MB of memory and RAATServer consume small amount of memory (a lot less than Roon). My total memory used was 34% which mean I should have enough memory.

However, after leave my computer run for 12 hours, RAATServer consume 941 MB memory and keep on increasing about 0.1MB in 4-5 seconds. RAATServer also consume CPU at 12% while Roon process just consume 2% CPU and its used memory fix at 538.1 MB.

Any idea on the memory leak of RATTServer?

@somchai_sittichaisri Which version of Roon are you running 32 or 64bit? Windows 10 Home or Pro? And what build?

Is it with the RoonServer in the background and separate remote or are you running Roon as both Core and Remote as one?

@support the support guys will likely be wanting more info and probably a copy of you logs to. See here I'm having a problem with Roon -- where do I report it?

My version of Roon is 1.3 (build 234) stable (64bit).
My Windows 10 is Home version 1703 (OS Build 15063.413).

I install and use Roon as both Core and Remote on the PC.
I also use another two devices as remote 1) Windows 10 Laptop and 2) Android Phone.

I don’t know how to collect logs. Let me study from provided link on how to collect the logs.

I just start Roon again on server and find that it show “Adding Music To Library: Of 944 tracks, 0 added, 0 identified” and this number of 944 continue to decrease.

Not sure if this is normal.

Thank you.

I follow the provided link to see how to collect logs but can not find from the link.
How to collect logs of Roon?

Hi @somchai_sittichaisri ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, both are very appreciated!

You find directions on how to upload logs to us here.


Attached is link to log file from RAATServer.

Please advise if log file from Roon is required.

Hi @somchai_sittichaisri ----- Thank you for the follow up, very appreciated!

If you could also provide the Roon logs as well, that’d be great!


Following is link to Roon logs.
Appreciate your support on finding how to solve memory leak problem.

Hi @somchai_sittichaisri ------ Thank you for touching base with me. Unfortunately, while trying to access the provided link I am being presented with the following error message:

I signed in to see if I can access the content and I am unable :head_bandage: Would you kindly, resupply the download link.


Sorry for my mistake on sending the link to my logs.
I have attached both logs again, one from RAATServer, another from Roon.


Hi @somchai_sittichaisri ----- Thank you for the follow up, and please, no apologies necessary :wink:

Confirming that I have received both sets of logs and will be placing them in our queue to be evaluated by a member of our tech team. Once my report has been updated and passed back, I will be sure to update this thread with the team’s thoughts/findings.

Furthermore, if you haven’t already, please update Roon to the latest build and verify how things behave with the update in place.


I have update Roon to the latest version of 1.3 build 242.
However, after update, RAATServer memory consumption still increase at rate 0.1MB in 4 second.
So please proceed with evaluating the submitted log files and advise the cause of this memory consumption of RAATServer process.


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Apart from RAATServer continue to use more memory over time, I also face the problem that my PC that I install Roon as core, intermittently lost the connection to my Sonos. With this problem, the Sonos will stop playing which when it stop, I find that Roon does not see Sonos devices. It still can play the music that connect through USB DAC.

I am now thinking of un-install Roon and re-install again.
What do you think?

Hi @somchai_sittichaisri ---- Thank you for your patience while our tech have been conducting their first round of analysis of your logs.

Moving forward, the team has asked me to gather some more information from you that will help aide in their investigation.

  • Please identify the make and model of DAC you are currently using (“connect DAC to this PC through USB port.”).

  • Is it set up as the system’s output on the OS?

  • Is the device using an ASIO or WASAPI driver? Are both enabled at the same time in the “Audio” tab?


Dear Eric,

I have two DACs connected to PC that has Roon Core installed through USB :

  1. Devialet 120 (DAC + Amplifier)
  2. Mytek Stereo192-DSD DAC

I use either Devialet which connect to main speaker or Mytek which connect to headphone.

I am not sure if I understand second question correctly :
Is it set up as the system’s output on the OS?

So let me try.
I connect both DACs to this PC that has Roon Core installed and listen to music from this Roon Core.

As for driver, I just check and find that both Devialet and Mytek have both ASIO and WASAPI drivers installed.
Since I have re-installed the Roon and re-set up the audio again, I am not sure about my previous set up.

Good news is that after re-install the Roon, it seem that memory consumption is stable.
So the problem is solved.
However, if you find any problem in my logs, I am happy to learn about the problem so I can make sure that I avoid the problem.

Somchai S

Dear Eric,

Forget to mention that in my new set up, I only enable ASIO driver for Devialet and Mytek.

Somchai S.

Hi @somchai_sittichaisri ---- Thank you VERY much for touching base with me and sharing your observations after the reinstall. I am very pleased to hear that things have now stabilized.

If the team identifies anything out of the normal I will be sure to reach out asap.