Roon crash loop here as well

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
QNAP - TVS871 (1.6 build 416)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

ASUS Wireless - Wireless AC for client, wired for Core

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Nothing right now, just trying to browse library and use my laptop for client

Description Of Issue

The other night I added a couple albums and then suddenly the client starts losing connection with the loading icon in the middle of the screen. Obviously by the amount of issues posted like this, I am not alone. I removed the albums and still have an issue. Restored from a backup, no dice. Still happens. It connects and shows the albums for a second or two, but not long enough to do anything. I don’t see much in the logs that jumps out and says that’s it! This happens on my mac, windows and iOS clients. If I remove one of my libraries, it stays for a bit. Then I try and add another album (not the same one from last night) and get the same problem all over again. Let me know what else you need from me, don’t fancy posting logs in the forum.



Hi @Steve_Chisholm,

Can you elaborate on this? What do you mean by removing libraries? When you do this will it stay up until a new album is added, or will it eventually go back into the same behavior even with nothing new added?

If I disable my main library (I have two), it loads fine. I haven’t left it like that for long as that is almost my entire library gone and it’s not much use to me like that. Again, nothing has changed in the past few days. I haven’t tried adding an album to that small library due to that being on a separate share and not where they should reside. I guess I’m hard pressed to see how this is a user library issue with these problems pasted all over the forums recently. It would be great if the logs said… “Hey, this album is screwed, here’s the error. We are restarting”

Hi @Steve_Chisholm,

Can you confirm where these two libraries are located / what the path is in Roon?

Does it matter which library is disabled, or is there one in particular that seems to be the issue?

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Last parts of logs before restarts "
08/12 23:20:30 Trace: [metadatasvc] GOT [2] (705ms) Sooloos.Msg.Metadata.AlbumLitesData: a60033313230383038, a6003638363939393139, a6003638343534373031, a600363330343133, a6003830333439353139, a6003830313231323931, a6003334393037323936, a60031323639353630, a6003531333137383435, a6003638393537323333, a600313133363234393132, a600313133363234393739, a6003732363932363730, a60034393439393034, a6003437363134323637, a6003238323039333132, a6003936333338333238, a6003633373631343833, a600313034353430383733, a6003933323038383834, a6003934303438343639, a6003635333736383838, a6003636333235373436, a6003535333739333637, a6003535363837363632, a6003334333035323130, a600313030353033313131, a6003430363731393632, a6003432373833393331, a6003537353136373438, a6003737383730323238, a6003839343835313437, a60036363336373639, a600313038353135363635, a6003535373238343933, a6003932353738363639, a6003932393231343133, a6003936333034333434, a6003938313532303035, a6003839363134323934, a600313032313632393632, a600313037373230303939, a600313131333538353534, a600313132373635383134, a6003532313931383038, a6003638363631373335, a6003737323637313931, a6003832383230343038, a6003931353339363436, a6003837333031383133, a600313032393236353930, a600313033393630373035, a600313034303637303031, a600313034333435323631
08/12 23:20:30 Trace: [metadatasvc] GOT [4] (883ms) Sooloos.Msg.Metadata.PerformerLitesData: a70034383437, a70033363332373439, a70034333135313439, a70033363030393239, a70033363433363539, a7003137303939, a70033363034353434, a7003137343231, a70033363831393034, 7a004d4e30303031373932343232, a70033363434363133, a7003137303132, a70033353337333831, 7a004d4e30303030333032353737, a70037313936343932, a70034383635363437, 7a004d4e30303030353739313337, a70036323536333136, a70035373037303837, a70034343830393737, a70034363935373736, 7a004d4e30303031363931393734, 7a004d4e30303033353132303336, a70037363830353033, a70033373235313238, a70035313635333138, a7003137353032, 7a004d4e30303032373834353535, a70034373138373332, a70035323234373530, 5e012d34524d8405b34386e2e356221c2804, 7a004d4e30303032343631373532, a7003135323336393739, a7003130373637313037, a7003131303034343833, a7003131303034343939, a70036373931313031, a70038353132323734, a70038373134343435, a70034303234313237, a70035383238393432, a70035383438393032, a7003136323433383434, a70039383230363534, 7a004d4e30303030353039353633, 7a004d4e30303030333035303830, a70034353439313832, a7003535353633, a70037313534353736, a70035353130373134
08/12 23:20:30 Trace: [metadatasvc] GOT [5] (996ms) Sooloos.Msg.Metadata.WorkLitesData: 7c004d4330303032353339373433, 7c004d4330303032363138363336, 64014d9ca5d9580af99e400dddcc213184da, 7c004d4330303032363138373938, 6401b84a5ccdd80d398ea27e8a87e9db3680, 64017a18e0b8851cf5f9ec1a23be25975bc3, 7c004d4330303032363139343537, 64012e095d92cdbb0bcc1cc7f5ebf8c82d5f, 7c004d4330303032363337363938, 7c004d4330303032363139363137, 7c004d4330303032363231343430, 64011040bcd73befd05cfd7026def716035b, 6401a543889d7c80ab65584df3c9e0b93359, 6401725126008cccbf88d1b37cf311c0ceeb, 6401fca8937034f05ef8ca0193262976a633, 64010e69d5f6f841617bfaaf9c458399291b, 6401cea12c2c6d094d43e971977721867dab, 7c004d4330303032353339343936, 6401b9225b4f42447e3f0fee55fd03258e09, 6401ea60f9c7382f9055c2e5b36e0730e1bc, 6401437f0641d3c83ddeaac91f7117439d2b, 640127d661c004b19b57cfb2bf55d395ccee, 640172d1e6aede1dc64986052a3fb8203a5a, 6401721db172587656dee8ef73f34f8df37d, 6401290f5d8fa63ab3943d9ee34f668692d0, 640105a879a742656774b740d36134d32781, 640173b9639c8bc377f467103f06945ce92d, 6401f6623ec256a89976dc4b156cdef6edf7, 6401a3c06db4d08a1ffee242ba7f01ee8f61, 6401c626a0a197060654024796d67c813aa2, 7c004d4330303032353339383337, 640190dec4b09c7ea4260e573f9c792e0c18, 6401e75ea0d301e870b34b044a732bb3c668, 64012fe714bfdb962906c0d83e151093dce1, 6401a51318ecc09d7bd8c4b4aed5607658f3, 6401e8e84b19964c1c0f94cec1892dbd439b, 64017aaee5a2fae07c26c674bd6531e024a4, 64015cb3489296df54a9c7113467b4a6e10b, 6401b26fc7b34ad8b3706535b5a85fa1f629, 640115fb00541e44d7684bb0d2229f20013d, 64016b839ac8237afd2d6c982a703498745c, 7c004d4330303032353339353635, 64011af11b7ece6e48e8d080d0664849733e, 6401d97cbd9a2ab03236c5b67f87becfb118, 64016c6eb1e50f94dc8fb13ef6698b4db167, 6401642a8b8e181addd85278966e8808176b, 6401d3c54d337d3aa7e9f75ae571012111b4, 640173d34c046240cf9eaccca01689064b6a, 64015e947a38775f9f2742e0d0c4f07afc17, 64010432eb4e42bc6c1477c8d874419ba61f
08/12 23:20:30 Trace: [metadatasvc] GOT [6] (1008ms) Sooloos.Msg.Metadata.PerformerLitesData: a70034383437, 7a004d4e30303031363931393734, a70033363030393239, a70033363332373439, 7a004d4e30303030323835313236, a70035383438393032, 7a004d4e30303030373639343033, a70034333135313439, 7a004d4e30303031393030373936, 7a004d4e30303031363733313436, 7a004d4e30303033303333393031, a70036323536333136, 7a004d4e30303030333536303835, 7a004d4e30303032393736333433, 7a004d4e30303030333032353737, a70035383238393432, a70034363935373736, a70034323937353533, a70036313430393837, 7a004d4e30303033353132303336, a70037363830353033, 7a004d4e30303033333231303637, a70037313936343932, a70035313635333138, 7a004d4e30303030393837393730, 7a004d4e30303032373834353535, a70034373138373332, a70035323234373530, 5e012d34524d8405b34386e2e356221c2804, 7a004d4e30303032343631373532, a7003135323336393739, a7003130373637313037, a7003131303034343833, a7003131303034343939, a70036373931313031, a70038353132323734, a70038373134343435, a70033363831393034, a70034363734343334, a7003136323433383434, a70034343830393737, 7a004d4e30303031323234383832, a7003137303939, a7003336393537, a70033353033343732, a70033353832373232, 7a004d4e30303031383233313031, 7a004d4e30303033383337373235, a70033383430303237, 7a004d4e30303033313230373330
08/12 23:20:30 Trace: [metadatasvc] GOT [7] (935ms) Sooloos.Msg.Metadata.GetMetadataResponse: "

One particular one seems to be the issue, no problem with the share itself. Both shares are local to the QNAP.

Thanks, @Steve_Chisholm.

I have enabled diagnostics on your account so our technical staff can get some more insight into what’s going on here. The next time your Core is active a diagnostics report will automatically be generated and uploaded directly to our servers

Once that’s been received, I’ll be sure to update this thread and pass the diagnostics over to the team for further analysis.


If I enable the bottom share, it gets wonky. Can’t give you a good screenshot as as soon as it finishes loading, it cycles.

I forgot to add, I pulled all of the changed folders out from when this started, and same issue with cycling.

Thanks for the screenshot, @Steve_Chisholm.

The diagnostics report has been received and I’ve put the report and the information above into a ticket for our technical team to review — I’ll reach out as soon as I have next steps from them.

Thanks for the quick reply, I do appreciate it.

Hi @Steve_Chisholm,

I spoke with the technical team about this, and in the diagnostics report they are seeing that Roon is continually trying to analyze some tracks and they appear to be failing, possibly due to corruption. This is then causing the issue you’re experiencing.

I’m copying the list of files below — We can’t say for sure just yet if it’s all of these tracks or just specific ones, so the first step is to try to move all of them out of your watched folder so we can see how things perform. Once that’s been done let us know how things run.

/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/Orion (2019) [24-44]/04. BOOM.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/Orion (2019) [24-44]/05. RULE.flac
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/05 - Make-Up.flac
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/06 - 100 MPH.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/05. Fear.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/Orion (2019) [24-44]/06. HISTORY.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/Orion (2019) [24-44]/07. RECOVER.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/Orion (2019) [24-44]/09. SHADOWS.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/13. Naked.flac
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/08 - Holly Rock.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/10 Bembele.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/08. B.I.G..flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/12. Jungle.flac
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/01 - Sex Shooter.flac
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/02 - Jungle Love.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/Orion (2019) [24-44]/01. HEY CHILD.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/Orion (2019) [24-44]/03. QUICKSAND.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/Orion (2019) [24-44]/08. WASTELAND.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/03. Hang On.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/06. Nervous.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/09. Feather.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/Orion (2019) [24-44]/02. CONFIDENCE.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/02. Unsteady.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/04. Gorgeous.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/07. Low Life.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/11. Loveless.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/16. Collider.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/05 Blue Skies.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/01. Renegades.flac
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/07 - You're My Love.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/10. Superpower.flac
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/04 - Noon Rendezvous.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/Orion (2019) [24-44]/11. HOLD YOU DOWN.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/14. Low Life 2.0.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/08 Los Invisibles.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/09 Luna Hechicera.flac
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/10 - The Glamorous Life.flac
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/13 - Dear Michaelangelo.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/10 Bembele-Copy(1).flac
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/09 - Baby, You're a Trip.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/04 Yo Me Lo Merezco.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/11 Candombe Cumbele.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/15. Kerosene Dreams.flac
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/15 - Nothing Compares 2 U.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/03 Oye Este Mi Canto.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/08. Japan.dsf
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/20. Kyoto.dsf
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/27. Savor.dsf
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/VHS 2.0 (2016) [24-44]/18. Eye Of The Storm.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/05 Blue Skies-Copy(1).flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/06 Paraísos Quemados.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/19. Mantra.dsf
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/11 - Gigolos Get Lonely Too.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/09. Bambele.dsf
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/15. Waiting.dsf
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/25. Mr. Udo.dsf
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/03. A-1 Funk.dsf
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/10. Um Um Um.dsf
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/12. Batukada.dsf
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/12 - Love... Thy Will Be Done.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/23. Se A Cabo.dsf
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/07 Breaking Down The Door.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/08 Los Invisibles-Copy(1).flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/09 Luna Hechicera-Copy(1).flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/28. Conga Solo.dsf
/HiRes Music/The Raconteurs/Help Us Stranger (2019) [24-48]/10 - Live A Lie.flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/06. Gypsy Queen.dsf
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/07. Oye Como Va.dsf
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/17. Free Angela.dsf
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/24. Samba Pa Ti.dsf
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/04 Yo Me Lo Merezco-Copy(1).flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/11 Candombe Cumbele-Copy(1).flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Africa Speaks (2019) [24-96]/03 Oye Este Mi Canto-Copy(1).flac
/HiRes Music/Santana/Lotus {Complete Edition} (2017) [DSD256]/22. Light Of Life.dsf
/HiRes Music/The Raconteurs/Help Us Stranger (2019) [24-48]/08 - Sunday Driver.flac
/HiRes Music/X Ambassadors/Orion (2019) [24-44]/10. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PRAY.flac
/HiRes Music/Prince/Originals (2019) [24-96]/14 - Wouldn't You Love to Love Me-.flac
/HiRes Music/The Raconteurs/Help Us Stranger (2019) [24-48]/01 - Bored and Razed.flac
/HiRes Music/The Raconteurs/Help Us Stranger (2019) [24-48]/02 - Help Me Stranger.flac
/HiRes Music/The White Stripes/Live At The Gold Dollar III (2015) [16-44]/08 - Do.flac

Ok, I would believe that, but they were just DL’ed. And I’d already tried removing them from the watched folder, every last one of them before opening the ticket…They are currently sitting in a folder Roon doesn’t have access to. I did however test play a couple of them, and no issues with VLC either just for good measure.

Also, just for good measure I added the X Ambassadors to the BD Audio folder and disabled the other folder to keep it running. No issues:

Thanks for the follow up, @Steve_Chisholm.

I’ve passed this along to the team and we will be discussing next steps — I’ll reach out ASAP once we’ve done so.

Hi @Steve_Chisholm,

We are going to enable some further diagnostics on your account, but first I was hoping you could re-enable the folder that is causing the issue and let us know the time you see the issue occur. From there we will enable diagnostics on your account. Thanks!

That folder has been re-enabled as requested. It just restarted @ 4:34 CST. If you wait 2 minutes for it come back up, it will cycle again.

Hey @dylan - Any updates on this?



@support or @dylan any news? The app is un-usable at this point…



Hi @Steve_Chisholm,

I met with the technical team to discuss our next steps here. Upon review of the diagnostics report, the team found the following media is likely contributing to the crash that you’re seeing and we are hoping you can remove it from the watched folder.

HiRes Music/A-Ha/Time And Again - The Ultimate a-ha (2016) [24-44]

There may be other media that is contributing to this as well, but in the diagnostics report we’ve found that Roon is crashing upon trying to extract data form these files, so removing them from your folder is a good place to start.

Hey @dylan - Tried moving that folder out, same issue.

I also tried playing that album outside of Roon and VLC doesn’t seem to have any problems with it. I’m hard pressed to believe that any of these albums have an issue, they’ve never before (most of them have survived a second installation of Roon when I moved it to the QNAP) and are sitting on a Raid 5 array with no bitrot that I’m aware of. To add to it, that album hadn’t been touched in quite some time (over a year if I remember correctly), let alone within the past couple of weeks to force Roon to think something has changed with it. I’m not claiming my media is 100% perfect, It just feels like a bunch of false positives…