Roon Crash on Ubuntu 18.10

System generated error, with Ubuntu asking if it wants me to report the error.

The ExecutablePath that failed:


Any ideas?

That’s the Mono garbage collector. What happened preceding the crash? Also, what’s the specification of your core and are you running Ubuntu desktop or server?

Sorry, I missed this reply.

I am running a recent i7 with 32GB of ram in a desktop. The computer was idle other than running the Roon (and Plex) servers.


I got this also (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop running Roon Bridge). Happens approx. every second day, but I couldn’t spot a change in behavior from Roon (Zone is still available and can be used to play music).
So I just click the Message away.

Is this the same error message?

If so, ask the mods to move this thread to #support.

Mine is not the same as the old one:

Let’s see what @Andrew_Callum comes up with.

I had the first System Error message.

It has been stable following a reboot of the computer.