Roon crashes as soon as I try to scroll right

Using Win 10, 64bit (1607).
Once it crashes, the machine has to be rebooted.

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Hi James,

What graphics card is fitted?
Can you check that the device drivers are up to date for it.

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Motherboard graphics: Intel HD graphics 4000

Just updated Roon. Same issue: As I start to scroll through albums it gets through about 2 screens, then freezes.

3 finger salute won’t work - have to power down machine manually.

Did you check / update the HD4000 graphics drivers?
I recommend getting them from the Intel site.

I updated the drivers. Now, it just crashes Roon. Still have mouse control. Seems to be an issue with loading album graphics. Very high latency. While typing this, I looked at other machine and saw it had selected album. I clicked on PLAY, but took 30 seconds to display PLAY NOW or START RADIO (Why do I have to tell it to PLAY again?)

Clicking another album while first was playing crashed audio and Roon. And PC - keyboard no longer responsive, must hold physical power key to turn off machine.

FYI, JRiver and Foobar have no issues.

I uninstalled jplay. Now it scrolls several screens. Then it crashes - no mouse, nokb, no ctrl-alt-del.

For giggles, I’m going to leave it as it is while I run some errands. Will let you know if it recovers while I’m gone.

How much RAM do you have ?
I’ve experience - many times - freezing with my desktop PC (i7, Intel HD4000 graphics, 16Gb).

Installing the Drivers using the Intel driver tool always seemed to help until a reboot, after which (I think) Windows10Pro64bit seems to start interfering again !

The other thing that ‘worked’ was leaving the PC idle for a considerable time…until it had sorted itself out.

However, I’m basically giving up on this & have invested in a dedicated i7 NUC for running Roon.

I have the same specs you described. Am considering same solution, too. Which NUC did you use?

I’m running Win 10 Enterprise (1607), otherwise, just as you describe.

16Gb RAM
250Gb M2 Drive

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1.25 hours later, it still is frozen.

Hi @james_west ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here.

I have seen a few reports (example #1 and example #2) of this behavior, which ended up being the result of a Win10 update (KB4013429) not interacting with the Intel HD 4000 graphics driver properly. As you can see, we are not the only ones being affected by this, other similar reports here, here, and here.

Thus far, the two work arounds I have heard from other users is to either A) Reinstall the graphics drivers OR B) Try running the 32 bit version of Roon.

Let me know what you think about giving either of the above a shot.

I already reinstalled the driver. I’ll try 32 bit Roon.

Well, that was a disaster. I reinstalled video driver from mobo manufacturer website after uninstalling Roon. Now windows frozen at login screen. Joy.

Reinstalled video, installed 32 bit roon. Still no happiness with Win 10 Enterprise 64 bit…

Does it work with Win 7 Enterprise 64 bit?

Same machine, Win 7 64 bit Ent instance. Works fine.