Roon crashes constantly

I have never had Roon sustain a very log in period being usable without it crashing occasionally, but today it had gotten so bad that it crashes within minutes of logging on. Pretty frustrating. Has something occurred with Windows and or Roon itself that I should be aware of?

Hi Matthew,

That doesn’t sound right at all. Can you describe your hardware and software setup as per this thread ? That will help @Support narrow down what may be causing the problem.

You might be experiencing a hardware problem with your computer. It could be faulty RAM. A less likely culprit is the power supply, but either of those can give you intermittent errors that are difficult to duplicate.

My diy win10 silent PC only gets rebooted for windoze updates as needed, and Roon server sits there and runs and runs and runs, weeks at a time often. So I’m in the maybe you have a hardware issue or other problem…I doubt it’s Roon, but have you been into the events logs?

Dell XPS 8900

Edition: Windows 10
Version: 1511
OS Build: 10586.589
Processor: Intel®Core™ i7-6700K CPU @4.00GHz 4.01
Installed RAM: 16 GB
System Type: 64 Bit Operating System x64-based processor

Thanks Matthew. Let’s drop flags for @eric and @vova to check into this further.

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Hi @Kimmyrocker ----- Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the troubles here. I’d like to gather a set of logs from you so our developers can have a look into this issue for you. I will be contacting you momentarily with instructions, thanks!


Logs have been sent


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@Kimmyrocker ----- Thank you for the follow up! I wanted to reach out to let you know that I’ve received the logs and will be placing them in our queue for our developers to evaluate. Once my developers have updated my report I will follow back up with you, with their findings. We appreciate your patience. Thanks!


Thank you!

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