Roon crashing on IMac

I just installed Roon on my Mac and it continues to crash. The files have been added but it continues to scan. Once the scan reaches approximately 80% the app crashes. I am very eager to test Roon but i am very frustrated. Any help you have would be greatly appriciated.

What type of imac do you have, what is the size of your library. How are your music files attached? (USB, NAS)
Did you check the minimum requirements for Roon operation? Link below

I have no issues with my Late 2014 iMAC 27 retina…I have the latest El Capitan OSX loaded, with about 11K flac files.


Are you able to describe your setup in more detail as per this Reporting An Issue page.

Also do try rebooting your Mac, if nothing else it ensures a reproducible starting point.

I have the latest iMac 5k running the latest OS. I have 64 GB of memory and my files are located on a NAS device.

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Same issue with my 5k desktop.
Laptop works fine.

Puzzling, you should have plenty of horsepower to download your music files. Might be wise to check your firewall, and ensure Roon is a “trusted program.”

Afraid I don’t have any good suggestions other than to check the component parts to ensure they are running correctly (cables, HDD, etc). Good luck with getting it going. It’s a great program. I installed everything several months ago, so maybe a glitch in Build 154. Afraid that one is above my pay grade.

I’m leaving a flag for @support to follow this up.

I’ve tried to reinstall and still having the same problem. The scan will run for a while and then the app crashes. Help would be much appreciated.