Roon crashing when adding hard drives

(Peter Arnold) #1

After installing roon Software on a Windows 10 Pc the program shuts down and disappears . After adding Music directories the program closes and disappears.I have reinstalled both core and server several times . its Always the same. after adding directories the program disappears I need some advice from @support

(Noris) #3

Hello @Peter_Arnold,

Sorry to hear about your frustrations here. Can you clarify a bit on what kind of directories you are adding when this issue occurs? Are you by any chance adding any folders with special characters listed at the end of this document? If you do not add a directory when the program starts up and only add the directory after Roon has loaded, does that help?


(Peter Arnold) #4

This are two normal internal Harddiscs Volume B and Volume A.It contains folders with Music-mostly flac files , cover photos ,playlists nothing extraordinary. but it has three Terabyte. I tried to install and added. nothing. the program started scanning my Music for some minutes. than it stopped and closed after three or four minutes. if i click roon Icon on the desktop it starts initializingbut before it is loaded it closes.

(Noris) #5

Hi @Peter_Arnold,

Thanks for letting me know that information. I suggest we proceed as follows and start with a fresh database, please try these steps:

  • Make a Backup of your current Roon Database
  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “Roon”
  • Rename the “Roon” folder to “Roon_old”
  • Reinstall/Restart the Roon App to generate a new Roon database folder

Performing these steps will tell us a bit more if there is something in your database that is causing this issue, please let me know your findings.


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(Peter Arnold) #6

I did as you told me. Everything worked fine for 3 minutes .Scanning my Music it closed again. Maybe there is a Problem with my Licence. first i installed a roon Trial . i was hoping to use the Code from qobuz as i have an account there. when i saw that i could not apply this Code , i deleted this account and started a new one with my qobuz licence -with another e mail i have. Maybe this could be the source of this Problem?

(Noris) #7

Hello @Peter_Arnold,

I doubt that this is an issue with the Roon license. It almost seems as if a media file is causing this strange behavior. Can I please ask you to manually send us the logs from your machine using these instructions? If you don’t have Google Drive or Dropbox just let me know and I can provide an alternate method.


(Peter Arnold) #8
(Peter Arnold) #9
(Noris) #10

Hello @Peter_Arnold,

Thank you for submitting those logs. I’m taking a look over them and it is likely that one of the below tracks are likely the ones causing the issues here.

Can I please ask you to move them out of the current folder (do not delete them just yet), restart Roon, and let me know if the crashing stops? If it does I would like to get these files over to QA for analysis to hopefully prevent this issue in the future.

Files are as follows:

B:\Musik\Burn 11\Machinedrum - Vapor City Remixes\Machinedrum - Vapor City Remixes - 02 Gunshotta (Om Unit's Rollers VIP).flac
B:\Musik\Burn\David Bowie - Station to Station\CD5\05 - TVC15.flac
B:\Musik\Burn\David Bowie - Station to Station\CD5\06 - Diamond Dogs.flac
B:\Musik\Burn\Camel (1977) Rain Dances\03 - Tell Me.flac
B:\Musik\Burn 12\DJ_Paypal-Sold_Out\01-08-DJ_Paypal-Say_Goodbye-SMR.flac
B:\Musik\Burn 12\DJ_Paypal-Sold_Out\01-07-DJ_Paypal-On_a_Cloud-SMR.flac

If Roon is still having issues after removing these files then please upload a new set of logs.


(Peter Arnold) #11 i removed these files from both volumes. after short time the same closes while adding Music. here is a new log.

(Peter Arnold) #12 i installed again without adding olders no Output.

(Peter Arnold) #13 removed all this files .after 3 minutes roon crashes @support

(Noris) #14

Hello @Peter_Arnold,

Thank you for sending those logs over. I was just looking through them and I am still seeing traces due to this folder:

B:\Musik\Burn 12\Embryo\

Can you move this folder out of your watched storage location and try again? If we deem these files to be the issue please do not delete just yet as I would like to request them for QA purposes.


(Peter Arnold) #15 i did but the same happened again

(Noris) #16

Hello @Peter_Arnold,

Thanks for sending the log file over, unfortunately there is no clear pattern that I can see pointing to a specific file. Let’s try something a bit different here:

  1. Start with a fresh database again using the instructions I posted previously:
  1. Do not add any local content, not even the Musik folder for the time being
  2. Add a streaming service such as TIDAL/Qobuz to Roon
  3. See if Roon behaves as expected for a few hours
  4. Download a few sample media files from the 2L Label and create a separate folder called test on B:\Musik\Test
  5. Add only this watched folder to your Roon App, do not add the entire Musik folder just yet
  6. See if there are any issues after a few hours and let me know
  7. Do not start fresh again and if the app crashes and reproduce the crashes a few times so that any patterns can be found

This test should help separate if there is an issue with adding media in general from that hard drive or if there is just an issue with one of the folders/tracks located inside of it.


(Peter Arnold) #17

after two Hours everything works fine

(Noris) #18

Hello @Peter_Arnold,

I am not sure what you mean by “after two hours everything works fine”. Does this mean that Roon is behaving as expected with TIDAL/Qobuz only or that you were able to run the test of a small group of files on B:\Music\Test without any issues and are ready to add back the whole Musik folder? Please clarify.


(Peter Arnold) #19

it means, that after adding tidal and qobuz and the few test files, roon is running without Problems. i have two Music Folders A.and B the bigger and older one. the Music on A and B is identical-but B is much bigger .My operating System is on a ssd with 250Gb. so my own Music Folder is not on C. i have outsourced it to volume B.

(Noris) #20

Hello @Peter_Arnold,

Thanks for letting me know that info. So just to confirm, everything is stable on a smaller subet of files.

Ok, now lets move on to adding more directories, please try to add all directories without “Burn” in the folder name as these files were the ones which I saw the most issues with in the logs you uploaded.

If Roon crashes, at any point, please reproduce this issue a few times just so that we can be more certain which files are causing the issue and upload another set of logs as you did previously.


(Peter Arnold) #21

i added all Folders without “burn”. everything is working fine till now. was there any Problem with Volume A ? in volume A are also Folders named burn. they are the same as in Volume B-but not so much. Is it a Problem with Volume B or with burn Folders in General?