Roon Crestron Module Build 8 is Live!

Hello Everyone, we have just released Crestron Build 8 :tada:
Have a processor with a Control Subnet? Wait no more and make the upgrade to Build 8!

Full details for this release can be found on our KB page:

Release Notes:

  • You are now required to place the Nucleus IP address in the RoonSystemModule symbol and it is recommended that this IP does not change
  • Added support for processors with Control Subnets such as CP3N, PRO3 & AV3
  • Improved TIDAL Search functionality
  • Added Qobuz functionality to module
  • Fixed issue with duplicate zones appearing in Roon -> Extension Settings
  • Fixed zone names sometimes failing to appear in interface’s home screen
  • Fixed issue with Explore Menu sometimes not loading
  • Added ability to jump to iOS Roon App in iPhone/iPad interfaces
    Updated Home/App icons

If you are upgrading from a previous Crestron build, we recommend following these instructions for proper module communication:

  • Update Nucleus and Roon Remotes to the newest Roon version
  • Unauthorize any existing Crestron extension in Roon Settings -> Extensions -> View
  • Add the Nucleus’ IP address in the Crestron module RoonSystemModule symbol
  • Compile and upload the module to the processor
  • Reboot the Nucleus from the WebUI or power button
  • Enable/Pair the new module in Roon Settings -> Extensions
  • Configure the new module in Roon Settings -> Extensions
  • Reboot the Nucleus again after the module is paired

– The Team at Roon Labs

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