Roon database and library backup on Innuous

I really need to backup my Roon database and library.
I have an external hard drive connected by USB to my Zenith 3 and regularly backup to there using the Innuous backup function. Does that backup my Roon database and library or do those have to be backed up separately? When I go to Roon settings>backup, it askes for a location but the only choice offered is Dropbox which I don’t subscribe to. I can’t figure out how to backup Roon to an external hard drive/NAS. Maybe it’s moot if the Zenith backup does everything. Thanks for any help!

Roons backup system is purely for the database not your media. You need to add a storage location for the back up much like adding a watch folder for music. This can be a network share on a nas or other computer, Dropbox if you have an account or local usb stick / disk. You set the path when setting up the schedule for the the backup in settings.

Usually doesn’t work. See also: