Roon database backup isn't working anymore [Fixed in b274]

Hey folks,

I understand the frustration here, and I just want to reiterate that we have been listening to all the feedback and are in the process of addressing it.

There are a few known issues with our backup feature right now, and we’ve also heard the feedback about the hidden folders loud and clear. Work is already underway to resolve these issues, but I want to be 100% clear that we are not currently aware of any issues that can cause data loss or backup corruption.

Some of this confusion around this feature stems from the fact that your Roon backups are not simply stored inside the /RoonBackups folder – the archive is the entire /RoonBackups folder, and you really shouldn’t ever need to access any of the contents of that folder.

Roon should simply be pointed at the /RoonBackups folder to save or restore backups, but we know this experience could be clearer and we’re working to address that confusion.

While the underlying technical issues here are relatively simple, some changes made last year have had unintended consequences, and that’s what we’re addressing now. While the integrity of backup data was not at risk, I want to be clear that backups are something we take really seriously.

We appreciate everyone’s feedback. Thanks all!


Thanks very much for this update. When I could have a wish, please make that every single backup can be backed up with a program that mirrors files. This way the backup process does not cumulatively grow over time, even if the music library stays the same as it is the case when backing up the Roon backup folder. Alternatively consider that each backup can be automatically done to two locations in the network or can this already be set like that?

Hi @streamy,

this is already possible. You can configure two or more “scheduled backups” and choose a different storage location and starting time for each backup. After you’ve finished the first configuration, you can just add another one (and so on), as you can see in my screenshot. Hope I could help.

Alternatively, you could use third-party folder syncing software (e.g. GoodSync), of course.

Thanks, this is probably to way to go. Schedule 2 Backups to different locations. Is there any interference when they take place the same time?
The alternative way, maybe with GoodSync works, does it for you between MacOS and a Qnap NAS, using NFS, now that folders are hidden? The sync program I‘m using has problems to sync hidden folders over the network, specifically because both folders, hidden and unhidden co-exist in the RoonBackup folder.

I can’t tell you. Haven’t tried that yet.

GoodSync has no difficulty copying the hidden files. Works fine with my RipNAS and also with three different external SSDs (that I plug into my Mac when I need them).

I also appreciate letting us know this issue is on your radar and being actively addressed. I never believed there were problems with the integrity of the backups. What I hope is being considered - and it sounds like they are - include two things:

  • Being transparent about how things work (if something is ‘hidden’ tell us, but hopefully don’t hide files; if there are known issues, please tell us).
  • Easy access, identification and use of backups (we all hope backups are never needed, but when they are accessing should be straitforward; can the actual file name include the date?)

Thanks again for reaching out!


I would like to restore a backup. The RoonBackups has two folders inside RoonBackups\backups. The names are identical, except one begins with a “.”

As far as i can tell, the one with a “.” has a backup from Dec 2017. When i begin the restore process, Roon recognizes the one without the “.” and asks if i want to restore. I appears this is a restore from Oct. 2017

Of course, i need the later version, but i am not sure how to make it work. I hope you can tell me that i am reading too much into this and when i restore, the Dec data will be used… It is hard to press the button without it being super clear since the data is so personal and important.

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Hi @hshrader,

that’s something many music lovers with a large library can probably understand very well. If I were in the same situation, I’d certainly have similar thoughts…

Dear all, I went deeper and found that it didn’t matter - that the latest save was reachable by choosing the only folder option. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know!

I think we are all working too hard asking ROON to acknowledge this issue let alone solve it.