Roon disconnects from Microrendu

Hi @support,

Since a week or two I have noticed that Roon disconnects from microrendu. The only solution is to pull the powerplug from the microrendu after which the microrendu and dac are found again.
Initially the frequency was 1-2 days, now it’s every day, a couple of times.

I have looked at the logs (they are quite verbose!) and think that I have pinpointed the issue, but can’t interpret it as I don’t have the technical details regarding your apis.

My setup is: Roon on mac mini (late 2014, i7, 16GB, Sierra), connected to microrendu (2.3) which is connected to Chord Hugo (v1) using micro-usb. My music is stored on the mini as well and consists of about 200GB, 5000 songs.
My network is all Ubiquity, unify consisting of a gateway, two switches and two wireless access points. Firmware on the network devices is latest.

I have the logs available (300kb for this day) but no sure how to upload.

I have the idea that issues started after updating to the latest Roon version. Would there be a way to downgrade again to test?


Hi, did anyone have a look at this?

Hi @tom_de_koning ----- Thank you for the report and my sincerest apologies for the wait here.

Moving forward, we don’t support/recommend rolling back to a previous version of the application as this action can potentially causes further issues and will make troubleshooting the current issue much harder as things will not be up to date. Furthermore, if an issue has been introduce with 1.3 in relation to the MicroRendu we’d have widespread reports of this behavior and being as we have many users (myself included) who make use of the MR in their setup my initial thought is that something else is going on here.

To help aide in my evaluation of this behavior you are reporting may I very kindly ask you to please provide the following information:

  • When Roon “disconnects” from the MR are you still able to access the device without issue via

  • Where is the MR located exactly in the chain of communication?

“My network is all Ubiquity, unify consisting of a gateway, two switches and two wireless access points.”

  • Please verify the make/model of the DAC being fed by the MR.


Hi Eric,

I was triggered by another Naim user on the naim forums that described the same issues with his setup. He also uses a Chord Hugo DAC with Roon.

  • I can indeed see the MR using Rebooting the MR does not help, it only starts working again when I unplug the power from the MR. I then need to re-select the input channel on the Hugo first before Roon find the dac again.
  • Chord Hugo DAC (v1)

My network is:
ISPRouter (bridge mode) -> Ubiquiti Gateway -> Ubiquiti switch (1)
Connected to (1) is the MR and another Ubiquiti switch (2) to which the Apple mini is connected.

Rest of the devices are two Wireless Access points, AppleTV, smartTV, iMac and printer.


btw, just found this thread: MicroRendu not recognizing Chord Hugo DAC after powering off/on

The differene is I don’t power the Hugo off at all. Also, typically the connection is only lost once a day (at night).

The other day the connection was lost 30min after I unplugged the MR. When I started listening I had to take a phone call 5 min after start and muted the output in Roon while while keeping the stream open. This is when I decided that I needed a bit of help :slight_smile:


Hi @tom_de_koning ----- I just read that other thread that you mentioned in your post and it sounds like this behavior is related to how the Hugo and Rendu are communicating, as the other user mentioned that there is no issues when using a dragonfly.

Can you confirm if the same behavior is occurring with another device?


I’m having similar issues (and have had similar issues in the past with the MR but they’ve resolved after a period of a day or so). TONIGHT, the MR has lost contact with Roon, and I CANNOT reach it via however I CAN reach it entering its IP address into a browser window. Wierd. I’ve rebooted tonight, unplugged and replugged in the device, still nothing. I imagine tomorrow it will be miraculously resolved. This is perhaps the most annoying type of issue that arises in “computer” audio … devices that for inexplicable reasons simply stop working, then start working again. I have a feeling its a networking issue but I’m all ethernet here (no wireless) so I’m at a loss. Any ideas? Same problem, different problem?