Roon does not recognize files after NAS disk replacement

Roon Core Machine

Intel Core i5-7500 CPU (4 cores, 4 threads)
2 SSDs (500 GB each) - Raid 1
6 disks 8Tb each - Raid 5 - SATA

Roon Core running version 1.8 (build 923) 2021-10-03

Remote on iMac, and iPads.

iMac and Qnap connecte with Ethernet cables cat 6

Describe The Issue

One of NAS disks had to be replaced. After I had it replaced and rebuilt, I can start running roon from any endpoint (and play Tidal files); however it does not recognize any of the files that I have on my library.

I restarted the NAS, nothing.
I tried to force rescan, but nothing happens.
I disabled the storage folders and enabled them again, but nothing happens.
I removed the storage folders and selected them again, but Roon has no reaction.

I’m sure that all files are there and accessible (using Audirvana, it works).

I also used Qnap app to reinstall Roon Core, but nothing.

What should I do?


I considered the possbility that the new disk in the nas storage had changed its id and Roon doesn’t recognized it, but how could I check it? and why removing the folder and adding it againd didn’t work?

Does anyone have a suggestion how to have Roon finding my files again?

Look into this thread and try the workarounds described therein. Maybe you can make it work again.

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