Roon doesn’t recognise network with new router

Roon Core Machine

<Multiple Apple TVs, multiple Sonos speakers connected over wifi->

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

<Since taking the advice about not using Apple routers and switching to an Asus to try and stop dropouts, Roon no longer shows any of my wireless networked endpoints. They work just fine via Apple Music, direct Airplay from various Macs, iPhones and iPads, and directly from Sonos.

Just not from Roon.

When I reconnect my Airport Extreme everything works as it should. Except for the frequent dropouts.

Any thoughts on what I should try first?>

I think the first step should be to edit your post and add in the details regarding your core machine and networking gear and setup. Without this information any suggestions are just guesswork, or speculation as to what could be happening. If you fill in those sections you’ll give support and everyone else more to go on.

I put all those in there, but for some reason they didn’t stick.

EDIT: just tried again and info seems to have been lost.

The Core Machine is a Mac Mini M1.

New router is an Asus AX86 connected to the Mini via Ethernet.

It connects via wifi to two 4k Apple TVs and one older Apple TV with optical out to my amp. I also have Sonos speakers in three locations. Plus I have Bluetooth and Headphone end points linked to my laptop which are working.

The hardwired output of my Mini is recognised. Things connected to my laptop are recognised. My iPad is recognised.

Nothing connected wirelessly through the new router is.

This could be a firewall issue, so I’d suggest turning it off on both the Mac mini and the router. If that doesn’t help it might be worth checking to make sure that all your devices are on the same subnet. Can you check your router to see the assigned IP addresses of your devices?

EDIT: you should also ensure that you have multicast configured correctly, as discussed in this thread.

Well, I feel a tad embarrassed.

Just as I was about to tear things apart I remembered that my previous Airport Extreme was set up in bridge mode as I have a seperate modem with its own wireless abilities.

So I switched the Asus to Access Point mode and logged out and back into the network for each of my endpoints. So far, all are showing up in Roon as they should.

Sorry about the false alarm. And fingers crossed the new router fixes the dropout problems.



I was on the right track asking about the subnet. Glad you got it sorted.

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