Roon Early Access Program on SonicTransporter

I tried to contact @agillis and didn’t get a answer that was helpful at all.

So how do I enroll my SonicTransporter into the Early Access Program?

Will this work?

How will that help ? I really don’t think I’m allowed to install anything on a SonicTransporter unless approved by SGC.

My question is based on that article.

I don’t know. That’s why I asked.

This is not possible we only support the release version.

Of cause possible. But may not worth the hassle.

Anyway if you change your mind, please let’s know.

I can predict I’m getting myself into trouble now, upgrading both my iOS with early access. Problem will likely happen when Roon core updates.

Thanks for answering Andrew.

It is recommended that all devices use the same update branch

Roon assured me that the early access it stable. We added it to the sonicTransporter!

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