Roon Expects separate payment for each computer I use- Not right

I got introduced to ROON today thru the support guy at PS Audio. They are a wonderful company, and I own 4 of
their amazing products. There is surely a need for new and better software to play our high end audio files such as DSD music.
I set up ROON on my Mac Mini at work today. It is very nice. I came home a few hours ago, and immediately rushed to
download ROON on my main system ( IMAC). During the installation process, I was greeted by a pop-up message that told me I was NOT allowed to share my subscription between my work machine and my home. I am assuming that if I tried to install ROON on my Macbook Air at home, the same message would appear. $120.00 a year for software is a lot in my opinion, but this is America and everybody is entitled to make a living. **BUT **to ask me to pay $225.00 a year to use the software on two of my own machines is way, way out of line ,in my opinion.

Mike SIegel
New Jersey ,USA

Thanks for the feedback here Mike.

Roon will distribute music all over the house, and can be controlled from a virtually unlimited number of devices on your home network, playing bit-perfect audio to a virtually unlimited number of zones. The only limitation your Roon membership includes is that only one computer in the household can be used for managing your music library – every other device in the house functions as a remote.

Right now, managing a separate library on your laptop while outside the home will require you to deauthorize the computer that’s managing your library at home. We’ve made this process as easy as we possibly can, and it requires only a single click inside Roon.

We’re serious about making our customers happy, so if this limitation was a surprise to you, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss this further. I’m confident we can make this right for you.

Thanks Mike!

I appreciate your prompt, honest and direct response. I am a very good client of PS Audio ,and Scott returned me on to you guys last week. My opinion was based upon the fact that Roon is the only premium streaming software that I am aware of. I totally support paying for quality software,such as Roon. It cost a lot to run this app and everyone has to eat :smile:
I never participate in using “cracked” or stolen software or using password cracks, but they are all available to people like myself. I keep almost al of my music on 4 NAS boxes in my home network, thru my IMAC.,but I also use a Macbook Air when Im in my media room sometimes. Obviously I can de-authorize one box and re-activate the other.
It was just my opinion that $120. per year would allow me full access. Thats my opinion, and I totally respect your point of view.
The fact that PA Audio has recommended Roon to its’ clients’ is a huge plus for Roon, and I hope that you make the most of it. Paul and Ted might be the smartest duo in the industry. They surely have made the best single piece of equipment in audio today ( Directstream DAC).
Thank you for Roon, We surely needed your product. You have no idea how bad it was with the awful choices we have had to live with.
Mike SIegel

Hi Mike
You’ve probably guessed this already, but just in case…your HOME setup could be handled as follows…and ALL for the $120 Annual Subscription to Roon [or the $499 Lifetime Subscription, your choice]

  1. Setup your iMac as your Roon Server…connected to your 4 NAS boxes where your Music is stored
  2. Connect your DirectStream DAC to your Network to receive Audio over Ethernet from the Roon Server
  3. Setup the Roon App on your Macbook Air to act as a “Remote”…this will talk to the Server on the iMac…and give you the exact same UI as on your Server…with access to the same Music Library from your NAS etc.
  4. Use your Macbook Air in your Media Room to Browse, Control and Play whatever music you choose…and the Music will be sent over Ethernet from the Roon Server to your DirectStream DAC
  5. Setup multiple other Macs / PC’s; Android Tablets or iPads [soon] to also act as a Remote to allow you to do as described above for your Macbook Air
  6. If you wish, you could also use the USB output from your Macbook Air to your DirectStream DAC USB Input…and have your music delivered that way…even though delivering over Ethernet has distinct Sound Quality advantages

And like I say, this is ALL within the “allowed” limits of the one Roon Server licence per household…i.e. payment for the Roon Remote software that runs on all the other Macs or Tablets is not expected by Roon…it’s available as part of the $120 subscription price

In relation to your Work scenario…there are already reports here of people successfully Streaming 24/192 Audio from their Roon Server at home to their Office location…so that may be of interest

Long story short, you do get a lot of flexibility with the $120 sub…and authorizing / de-authorizing different Macs / PC’s is not necessary