Roon Extension: Random Radio v0.2.0 (do the album shuffle)

My question was specific for playlists. As playlists are track based I have no possibility to shuffle at the album level.

I’m not sure if shuffling at artist level is practical. It is possible to create an Artist dropdown in the Settings dialog of an extension but when there are hundreds of artists selecting one might be impractical.

Agreed about impracticability of artist dropdown. Understood about playlist organization not making things easy. Could album/artist/track be derived from playlist to create an “albums” that are then shuffled?

Why have I never seen this before? Lol.
It sounds exactly what I have been searching for and requesting from Roon to no avail…
Not sure if it can be made to work for myself with my gear but very happy to be corrected!

I have choice of two Roon Core, one on a standard win10 PC and one on an Antipodes Edge .

Any thoughts if I could get this working?

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You got a Raspberry Pi you can use with Dietpi?
Probably the simplest way to run Extension Manager.

Nope but sounds like it might be the time to get one though!
Any suggestions on best model to get?

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A 4GB Pi4b is a good start as it will run for several years. DietPi and extension manager are pretty easy to set-up and run and after that all Jan’s work kicks in.

The Doctor that maintains RooExtend it talking about integration of Extension Manager in a future release.
I use that with the Amazing Nuimo remote so I’m looking forward to that and a simplified set-up and it should make it even easier for you

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Being able to select a random album from the current set of criteria/filter string results would be my preferred way to explore a vast collection. It’s one of the few things I’m really missing.

If you haven’t invested in a Pi, you can run one virtually on your Win 10 machine, which gives access to all the Roon Extension manager extensions.


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Have just started using the Random Radio extension and it’s already brought out some tracks that I hadn’t heard in ages (or ever in some cases). This is generally great but now and again it throws up a track that I really don’t want to hear at that particular time. If I was playing via the standard setup I would just hit “next track” and that would jump to the next song but with the extension activated it seems that the next track button is greyed out and not available.

The only way I have found to jump forward is to drag the now playing progress bar over to the far right so the track ends and a new one is generated.

Is there any way a true Next Track button can be implemented?

With album shuffle, you can click this…


… and then immediately again…


… so that you get a new album queued and immediately played:

With track shuffle, it should be even more straightforward by just doing the step 2] above.


Thanks for that - it works. Never would have thought of it myself.


Is there any way to install this on a SonicTransporter?

You should be able to install on sonicTransporter via the software manager icon in the web interface. Select Available Apps and click on Roon Extension Manager. With the Extension Manager installed you then open its settings via a Roon Remote and install Random Radio from the Playback category.


Thanks, brother, that worked perfectly.

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I just did the install, all looks good.

Call me crazy, how do i use the extension?

Just dropping by to say thanks again, and I use Album Shuffle every day! @ Jan_Koudijs