Roon failing to connect to Tidal

Roon does not connect to Tidal.

That is connecting from MacOS or Android.

Tidal confirms authorisation if then logout and login again. But Roon still fails to logon to Tidal.


I think (may be wrong though) there is a pop-up which appears after the Roon + Tidal screen and sometimes it’s in the background and easily missed.

EDIT: Just came across this Roon cannot log in to Tidal after the 1.8 build 918 update

Thanks for the info.

Wow, now thats not too useful is it.

Seems regression test process is lacking.

I would log off Tidal in Roon, restart your core and then log back in.

This is happening to me this morning too. I am not sure that it is related to a release.

Restarted Roon on server and it reconnected.

Had this this morning. Thanks to this thread I restarted the core (QNAP) and it works again! :slight_smile:

I had this a few days ago. I restarted the core which fixed it.

I tried everything and could not get Tidal to connect. Finally unplugged Nucleus and turned it back on and everything works fine.

Neustart des Cores hat geholfen! Danke!

I just had this happen to me today. Tidal was fine everywhere except within Roon.

Thanks to this thread, I rebooted ROCK and all is well again.