Roon for Windows localization bug: comma as decimal separator and window positioning

Roon for Windows saves the last window position in a file called “saved_window_pos” in the “C:\Users<UserName>\AppData\Local\Roon\Database\Registry\Client” folder.

This file contains the last coordinates in a comma-separated list. It looks like this in a standard U.S. localized version of Windows that uses a decimal point as the decimal separator:


Each of the 4 position inicators are numeric and are separated by a comma. This parses correctly, and on launch Roon will restore the Roon window to the correct prior position.

When using a localized version of Windows that uses a comma as the decimal separator such as EN-ZA (English, South Africa) the coordinates are written using a comma as the decimal separator, resulting in a file with the following entry:


The comma decimal separator confuse the parser and the incorrect coordinates are loaded and the window does not snap back to the correct position where there is a decmal in the window position coordinates.

I have changed the decimal separator format for Window in Intl.cpl to a decimal point, and the window behavior is now correct.

I have also noticed that the EN-ZA localized version of Roon would not correctly prompt for deauthorization of a different Core where the EN-US version consistently did. It seems since I made this change that behavior seems to have corrected itself, so it may be related. I will do some more testing there to confirm.

Basically on the EN-ZA machine the fiveaccountserver call to Machine Allocate that should return a NeedsBump response does not seem to happen in startup. I’ll do some more digging around this, but thought I’d mention it in case this decimal indicator is somehow involved.


It’s not really a support issue, more something that should be flagged to the developers - and I’ve asked a member of the Support team to pass this issue on to them.

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Thank you for this detailed report @GoodEnoughGear. We appreciate your help with this we. We agree with your diagnosis and have put in a ticket to get this corrected. I’ve moved this ticket over to the Support category to take advantage of some thread options that are available in our discussion board software.

Thanks for the heads up on this one @Geoff_Coupe!! :+1:t2:


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