Roon forgetting 100k scanned files

Hi All,

Short version: after “force rescan”, and waiting, roon scans then forgets a large part of my library!

roon 1.3 (262) stable (64 bit)
roon core on dedicated mac mini (8GB memory)
library stored on QNAP TS-251
Netgear R7000 router wired to both the mac mini and the QNAP

My music library is split over 2 directories on the QNAP. One of them is fine, the other one keeps having the “Tracks Imported” count drop back to near zero, and roon forgets all that music.

After scanning, sometime during the few hours of “adding music to library” metadata collection stage, it will return to the low thousands or hundreds of “Tracks Imported”

Guesses / Observations
I had a previous issue with the QNAP where roon would not read some directories due to nonstandard characters in the directory names (accents, umlauts). To fix this I turned name mangling off for the SMB connection to QNAP. This fixed that issue, but this new issue may have started around the same time, although I didn’t immediately notice the library had been silently dropped.

Roon core uses quite a lot of memory while adding to the library (grows from 3GB to 5GB if I remember correctly), so at one point I thought there may be a memory leak in the “adding music to library” step.

I’m concerned no one has tried to weigh in with advice in 15 hours: it is my first support request, so please let me know if some other information is required for anyone to help.

Flagging @support.

Hey @lyroon@Eric and I just discussed this issue 20 minutes ago, he was checking the status of some relevent work we’re doing before following up here.

The symptoms you’re describing sound similar to a known issue that can occur with a Mac Core + NAS where Roon gets misleading information from the operating system about the status of the network drive. Brian described it in more detail here, but it’s a class of issues that happen at the OS level, which means our options are a bit more limited here.

As I mentioned, we have been working on changes in Roon that we hope will make things more stable in cases like these. Right now testing is going well, and I’m hoping we’ll include these changes in the next release – I don’t have an exact timeframe on when that would be, but we do appear to be close to releasing a change that I think will help here.

Since your symptoms are similar but not exactly the same, I’d also like to confirm our understanding of the issue. Could you send us a set of logs as described here – with some more information we’ll be able to say with more certainty what’s going on here and whether the upcoming storage change is going to help.

Thanks for your patience here @lyroon!

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Thank you for the pointers to those other threads: this does look like exactly the same issue, although I’m at the lower end of the range of library size where it seems to be an issue.

Since it has been thoroughly investigated and understood, I can’t do much except leave it with you to work on the solution / workaround. Would anything like splitting the library in multiple smaller watched folders on my side help? If not, I will wait until your fix is released, and if it doesn’t work, look at a windows machine for this. Do you have any idea if running roon on the QNAP would be likely to work, or does the same mono framework issue occur there?

Many thanks -

Don’t forget that ROCK on a NUC would be a very viable option, also.

It would be less maintenance in the long run than a Windows machine. The only reason to go Windows over ROCK, IMO, is if you also need a Windows machine to do other things with.

Hi @lyroon ---- Thank you for your patience! I wanted to touch base and see if you ever got around to gathering a set of Roon logs from your core machine as requested in @mike’s previous post?

We would like to look at the traces that are present in the logs to try and determine if you are indeed experiencing the same behavior being noted in Mike’s post.