Roon has stopped indexing the music tracks on my iMac hard drive

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Hi @Dylan,

After reading my iMac’s HDD and the 4 TB hard drive attached to my iMac which totaled to well over 200,000 tracks, suddenly Roon has stopped reading and monitoring these hard drives and my track count has fallen to around 150,000. I have attached a screen shot. Could you please guide me on how I can get Roon to once again index the tracks on these two hard drives on my network? Thanks. Malcolm Gomes

@Dylan. Here is a screen shot that might help.

Hi @Malcolm_Gomes,

Was there any change in your setup around when this started happening? Any OS updates on the Mac?

Since this has happened have you tried rebooting your Core and the Mac?

Hi @Dylan, no change in my setup. No OS update. I did try rebooting my core (Nucleus+) and my iMac.

@Malcolm_Gomes — Are you still able to access the storage location over that path using Finder or File Explorer from another machine?

Hi @dylan, yes, I am able to access the storage location of the two hard drives using Finder.

Hi @Malcolm_Gomes,

What OS version is the Mac currently running? Are you able to access any network shares from other devices?

Hi @dylan, my iMac is running on Mojave. I am able to control Roon from my iPhone and iPad.

Hi @Malcolm_Gomes,

I’d like to enable some diagnostics but first I’ve hoping you can do the following:

  1. Reboot the Nucleus
  2. Reboot the Mac
  3. Open the Settings > Storage screen in Roon and make a note of the time you do so
  4. Respond here with the time from above

Hi @dylan, Should I reboot my Nucleus+ via the on/off switch at the back of the unit or through the Roon software. If it is the latter please guide me on how to navigate to the page where I can reboot the Nucleus+.

Hi @Malcolm_Gomes,

The best way is to use the Nucleus Web Administration Interface. That link will walk you through how to access the interface. Once there, you’ll see a power icon in the upper-right corner that will allow you to reboot.

Hi @dylan, I rebooted my Nycleus+ and my iMac. and at 12.56pm

I took the screen shot of the Roon Storage screen as attached.

Thanks, @Malcolm_Gomes — I’ve enabled diagnostics and I’ll follow up as soon as the team has completed analysis.

Hi @dylan, any progress?

Hi @Malcolm_Gomes,

First, apologies for the delay here. I met with the technical team to evaluate their analysis of the diagnostics report. What they’re finding is that Roon is unable to resolve the name of the Mac share, and so it is unable to connect. Since nothing changed in your setup, it’s hard to say exactly why this might have happened. Typically it would happen due to settings being changed on the Mac, something changing on the network, or possibly even an update to the OS that changes things.

Moving forward, here’s what we’d like to do:

First, let’s find the IP address of your Mac and try to add it to Roon that way. You can find the IP address by doing the following:

  1. Open System Preferences. (Either click the cogs icon in your dock, or hit the Apple logo drop-down menu at the top left of your screen, and then select System Preferences.)
  2. Click Network (under the Internet & Wireless section).
  3. Highlight the option in the left-hand bar that has a green dot, then check the information that appears in the pane on the right. It should say Connected at the top; in the smaller text underneath it will tell you what your internal IP address is.

Next, try editing the path in Roon, replacing imacs-iMac.local with the IP address found above and let us know if this works for you.

Hi @dylan, How do I navigate to the screen where I can replace the imacs-iMac.local, with the IP address? I have attached the screen shot where I can view the imacs-iMac.local but it does not give me the option to replace it with the IP address.

Hi @Malcolm_Gomes — If you click Browse it will let you change the path.

Hi @dylan, when I hit browse, I get to the screen as per the screen shot I have attached and on that screen, it does not allow me to select anything else other than the 8TB hard drive. Could you please advice? Thanks.

I think you want the three dots on the right of the screen behind?

Hi @Malcolm_Gomes — From here you can choose Add Network Share which lets you enter in the new path for this watched folder — It’ll be the same process that you followed before, but you’ll just replace the computer name with the IP address.