Roon has wrong Metadata - where to report, or report at all?

Ok. There’s wrong meta data in Roon, e.g. wrong genre for an album (is Zoë Keatings “Into The Trees” really “Easy Listening”?). We are all aware.
Every time I see something like this (every other day), my urge is to correct or at least report it somewhere. I just don’t know where is the right place. And if it makes a difference at all. I searched for an answer here, but got swamped by the hundreds of singular reports that seem all to lead nowhere.

So my questions are:

  1. Report it?
  2. Where?

Thanks a lot!

Yes and Support, Metadata issues.

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It depends a bit on what you consider to be wrong metadata. Genre assignments can be tricky. But a good place to start would be #support:metadata-issues.

If metadata originated from musicbrainz and musicbrainz being a community effort you could try to correct it yourself. Editing in musicbrainz requires some reading (style guidelines and such) and getting used to.

I’ve read that allmusic has a feedback channel you could use. Never done it myself.


Hi @Philipp_Schaefer,

You can learn more about reporting metadata issues here:

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Thanks all.

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