Roon - Headphone Jack - MacMini

My headphones are plugged in and working fine with iTunes.

It could be it .
I think @Andrew_Webb meant the audio settings in your Mac not Roon.
However as you say they are working through iTunes it’s a little confusing for sure

Yes, I checked those and through the MiDi settings. Everything working fine just not recognized by Roon. I know it worked at some point so it must be a build issue. Where do I report that?

There is already a support thread for that issue and Roon is aware and investigating.
Maybe just add your voice to it as other options do not appear to be the cause right now unless anyone else has any ideas?

Seems like there is a major issue, not just the one I’m experiencing. Will eagerly wait for a new build/fix.

Hi Lance,

Fellow user here

Just to be sure I understand…

You are running the Roon Client software on your mac Mini and when you go into the Settings/Audio options, while on the Mini, you do not see it as Audio Endpoint. And, in the MacOS settings, the system output is enabled and works with other software programs.

If so, then the first thing I’d try is…

In order for RoonSErver to build the endpoint zones, it needs to be able to talk to your endpoint. If it cannot, then it won’t create the necessary endpoint zones. As a test, try turning off any firewalls/AV on the Mac Mini to test if they are blocking this communication. If it appears as an audio device, then you know you need to set exclusions in the firewall/av to allow RAAT/RAATSERVER/Roon.

If that doesn’t work then it might be related to this…

Firewall is turned off entirely. Good thought, but that’s not what’s causing the issue.

I think it is part of the Mac disappearing audio zone endemic.
Hang tight.
Roon will resolve asap I think!

Macos update fix released by Roon.
Does that help your situation?

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Sure did! Curious why the DragonFly red that I’ve misplaced has suddenly appeared too, but that is a high class issue:)


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