Roon + HQP error - "Transport: Roon has lost control of the audio device"

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I just asked the IT person who installed my gigabit switch. he said ti should not restrict multicast.

Obviously, i also have a internet router (Century Link) and a Linksys wireless router. Could that be the issue? If so, how do I change the settings.

Given prior connection, do you still think multicast is the issue?

SOSE has latest sw.

(tboooe) #42

John, any chance you can connect your SOSE to the Century link and Linksys router? If HQP can reliably see the SOSE and DAC then we can isolate the problem to the switch.

Regarding your question about prior connection, it could very well be some network setting that is making the connection unreliable. I’ve had situations in my network just like yours.

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So, when i reboot NAA on the SOSE and then go to HQP, this is what my settings screen looks like. Then , I click ok and the device disappears. But, of course that is what happened when it played.

(John Culver) #45

So, to connect directly to router, do i just plug it into the router with an ethernet cable?

(tboooe) #46

Yes, just plug directly like you had with the switch.

After you press OK from the settings screen, on the main page of HQP you cant select anything from the various dropdowns???

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OK. I plugged the SOSE into the wireless router. I restarted NAA on the SOSE. I went to HQP and clicked on newrok naming. The SOE IP came up. i selected it. I then went to settings and this is the screen I got. This is one of the screens i have always gotten when I do this. I have not selected it though, because I was running usb to the da. Thus , i selected usb Jolida Dac. That voice was not given this time because the SOAE is not connected to a device now (router is too far away).

(John Culver) #49

Oh, and after selecting the Integrated SPDIF device, as before, the settings box closes. When i reopen there is no device.

(John Culver) #50

Not sure what you are getting at with the drop downs. But, yes, i can open library, etc.,

(tboooe) #51

Very very strange. At this point, I can only suggest uninstalling HQP and reinstalling the latest version 3.15.1

In the Signalyst folder on the Windows Pc there is an uninstall.exe application. Run that. I saved the latest HQP version on a USB stick then reinstalled remotely.

BTW, this is what I mean about the HQP main screen drop downs. There are 4 drop down menus going left to right right above the Arist, Performer, Album boxes.

(John Culver) #52

OK. I deleted HQP. Downloaded new version (not sure why I didn’t have news, I download id this past Sunday). This is what I get when I try to run it.

I chose 64 bit.

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Oh, and after I first got this message, i deleted and redownloaded and got this again.

Oh computer audio, so much fun.

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Details from aborted download

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So. I then ran troubleshoot. It said the program was incompatible, but fixed. Not fixed, however.

(John Culver) #57

OK, not after trobeshotting the program, it says program only works on Vista or later. however, I am running W10 on a Sonictransporter specifically designed to run HQP>

(tboooe) #58

Is Windows 10 up to date? I would run Windows update first.

(John Culver) #59

So, it is now up and running. I still have no idea why it was not working and still have no idea why it is. But, it is, so good for now. thanks for putting up with me. i did learn a few things which is always good.

(tboooe) #60

AWESOME! So you successfully installed the latest version of HQP? Now sit back and enjoy! As you pointed out, HQP really is great sounding.