Roon in two locations? (answered)

Hi, I am working in one town in Austria and my familiy house is in another. In both locations I have identical music servers which only I use. Swapping the license, I found that the library is newly built up each time, which is a lot of time waist as well as loss of manually inserted information.

Q1: can I get 2 licenses for the price of one, if I only use 1 at a time?

Q2: how can I transfer and preserve changes to the library (manually inserted album information etc) and get it into both libraries at once?

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Hi @Max_Moser,

Unfortunately, this case is not well supported in Roon right now. We are looking into full-scale cloud sync, which is what you would want here, but I don’t have a timeline to share on when that would be available. We’ve heard this request a few times, and it’s absolutely something we hope to implement in the future.

This should work now – you can log in at Location 1, use Roon, and then later, log in at Location 2. At that point, you should be prompted to de-authorize the first location, and your license will move to Location 2.

You can move the license back and forth as many times as you want.

This is the tricky part, synchronizing the two databases – there’s no simple way to do this right now, and copying the database back and forth is not supported.

Sorry we don’t have a better solution for now, but know that we are working on it @Max_Moser! Thanks.

I have a Roon membership, with which I am very happy.
I have another house where I spend time.
It seems that I need another Roon membership to use Roon at my other place?
If I do that, can I share the same library?

Any other suggestions for my problem?

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I am interested in this too.

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Hey @ken_nielsen @cgw – see above. While you can only manage one library at a time, you can move your license between locations as many times as you’d like.

That said, there is no way to sync your library and edits between locations right now. We’re working on this feature, and plan to support syncing to multiple locations in the future.


This request is something I now have a strong interest in, and this thread was the only one that came up when I searched. Has anything developed in the last four and a bit years?

There may be work on the back end but no changes for users so far. The main change is that Roon has stopped promising or mostly discussing changes.

Thanks for your comment, which confirms what I thought. Can somebody at Roon answer please?

Hi guys, has anything progressed here? I’m in the same boat where I have two Roon setups (different locations) and will either log into each or run two accounts. Either way, I’d like the content on each server to sync…

Is this possible yet?

For now, you would need to do a backup to a USB drive. Take that drive to the other location and do a restore. I guess it’s also possible to do the same with a cloud based location, but that might be agonizingly slow.

Hi @AudioMike,

This is not possible currently. You can make a backup and restore it at the new location, but there is no automatic sync.

There is a feature request here about this, though. I definitely recommend adding your voice to that request!