Roon internet streaming and ios endpoint

are there any plans to support ios endpoints when streaming over the internet?

i can see my roon library on my ipad but i can only see the local to roon server endpoints.

Phil Kemp

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your question. Since Roon 1.4, Roon can play to an IOS device as endpoint. From 1.4 changes:

Playback on iOS :iphone:

Well, this has been a long time coming. Starting today, Roon supports playback to iOS devices!

iOS devices will now automatically exposes a private zone that acts like a System Output in some ways. However, iOS’s infrastructure is careful enough that when only one app is playing, the output is bit-perfect. Thus, external DACs, 24bit output, MQA, and DSD are all possible. Signal path will reflect playback quality accurately, and will also display the output path (headphones, speakers, bluetooth, usb, hdmi, …).

As always, Roon’s Signal Path will accurately reflect what is going on. Be aware that many lightning adapters/headphones are fixed at a 48kHz sample rate! So don’t be alarmed if you see a conversion to 48kHz in Signal Path when using one.

If you don’t see an update available in the App Store please confirm you are running iOS 11, as this is required for Roon 1.4.

when i am local to the roon server, I can see the ipad as an endpoint. yes i’m on ios 11 and roon 1.4. its when i am trying to stream over the internet through a vpn that the ios endpoint is not available.


Perhaps this might help you…unsupported though so you are on your own other than this thread below

Ah. Ok. Got it.

There are many references and requests for this

Maybe search the forum

It would seem to be a of high Importance to many users