Roon iOS devices fail to connect to Roon Core

@support I have been using Roon for some months now with a somehow mixed experience in terms of connectivity. Room iOS devices ramdonly fail to connect to Roon core with no clear pattern.

My setup is as follows

1.- Roon Core running on Mac mini 2014, 4GB ram connected to the router and only running Roon Core.
2.- Music is mainly Tidal and some 40GB of FLAC music stored in the same Mac Mini.
2.- Mesh WiFi network with at least 40 mb speed in the house.
3.- Sonos speakers distributed through out the house.
4.- Sonos app, tidal app, etc works fine and seamlessly always.
5.- IOS devices are IPhones and iPad with latest iOS software.

Pls advise.

Is your Wifi using the network address range as the lan connected mini?

Uhm…not sure how to check that, but I have to reboot the mini any now and then because devices won’t connect no matter where I am in the house.

What make and type of mesh?

An app like fing on the iOS devices should show you all the devices on the network, they should all have the same first 3 numbers in the IP address range like

TP-Link Deco

Ok, I checked within the Tplink Deco app and all the devices have the first same number and changing the last three…I assume that is ok this way.

No it’s not…read my post again you need the numbers all fixed the same for the first three and the xxx can vary

Hey @Enrique_Donoso,

Just to confirm, the Core machine is connected to the primary TP-Link router, not a satellite or another piece of networking hardware?

As wizardofoz mentioned above, you’ll want to make sure that only the last portion of the IP address is different.

Can you confirm that the iOS devices are on the main network and not a guest network?

Are there any other devices (i.e. a PC or Mac) on the network? Are they able to connect to the Core?


Yes, it is the way you say…they all have first three numbers fixed and the last three varies by device.

@support No, the Mac Mini es connected to one TPLink satellite, not the main router, I have no chance to connect it to the main router.

Confirmed that only the last three numbers of the device’s IP addresses are different.

All devices on main network.

No other device connected to the Core.

Hey @Enrique_Donoso,

If you use an app like Fing that scans your network from the iOS device are you able to see the Core machine?

If you temporarily move the Mac Mini to the main router as opposed to the sattelite is there any change in behavior?


Hey Dylan,

The thing is that when Roon start behaving this way, it could not be reach at all.

Not sure I want to do that test since anyways, I will not be able to put it there, then I need to figure out what to do different.

Hey @Enrique_Donoso,

While this may not be a permanent solution, this test would definitely help us narrow down where the behavior is stemming from.

It may also be a good idea to look at the settings for the TP-Link Deco settings for options that may improve connectivity here. A similar mesh network, Netgear Orbi, has a setting called Disable IGMP Proxying that, once unchecked, greatly improves remote connectivity in Roon. This article mentions IGMP features that the Deco has, but doesn’t go into specifics. Take a look at the Deco app and see if you can find settings related to this and let me know if they yield any changes.



No such a feature in the Deco app. What is really strange is that when I reboot the Mac mini, Roon start working well, I cann acces the Core from each device though out the house, but after a period of time which varies, it start pausing the music so I have to manually press play once in a while again, and in some point it simple will not connect to Roon at all and once again I have to reboot the Mac Mini.

Dylan, is there a way that someone can help me identifying what could be happening…I have to say that my experience with Roon is not good and with type of issues I always end up using my Sonos app that BtW works perfectly as well as the Tidal and Spotify app, so really it doesn’t make sense to be having all this issues with something that is running locally, with a dedicated machine and pretty good internet connection.


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Hey @Enrique_Donoso,

If you use an app like Fing that scans your network from the iOS device are you able to see the Core machine when the remote devices are in this state?

I’d also like to try using a different remote device if you have access to one for testing. If you have a Windows or Mac devices that you can use as a remote is it able to access the Core machine in Roon while the iOS devices are in this state?


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