Roon is blaming Tidal for poor performance

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Nucleus (the smaller one) OS version 1.0 build 186, Server ver 1.7 build 537 Software ver 1.0 build 12.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Hardwired Ethernet, Unifi switches

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Marantz AV 8801

Description Of Issue

The issue is intermittent. Sometimes Roon works fine. Other times, like yesterday, Roon will play the first five seconds of a song from Tidal then stop. A few seconds later, it will try to play the next song in the queue and would stop again. This goes on for a little while. I have tried changing albums and artists to no avail. Sometimes, I get a briefly flashed message stating that Tidal is slow or having problems. Within a minute of seeing that message, I tested my Internet connection using Ookla and was informed that my download speed was 120 mbps and my upload was 11 mbps.

I don’t have any music files locally so I couldn’t try playing them.

The speed and quality of your internet connection has no bearing on whether Tidal is having problems or not. These are two distinct issues. Roon can probably measure both from your core and is presenting you with the most likely error message.

If Tidal is having issues, there is nothing that Roon can do about it.

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I am on Tidal only because it is the streaming service that Roon supports.

It seems to me that Roon has an interest in Tidal working with its product.

Tidal slow or having problems is not necessarily Roon specific. Unless you know what specific conditions trigger those error messages (I don’t), it is not possible to say whether Roon software has any bearing on the issues experienced.

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Roon also supports Qobuz. Both Tidal and Qobuz could have issues from time to time.

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Hello @Timothy_Good and thanks for the detailed information! Has this always happened with TIDAL for you or did this start occurring recently?

If you have an occasional slow search or things aren’t working totally perfect once in a while then just chill out. Don’t start posting messages and complaining unless it’s a recurring problem. i have had many issues with slowness but it comes and goes so makes you think there are small problems from time to time which is expected with so much complexity. Overall it’s been pretty damn great and has just been getting better. It is nice to have some local files so you can rule out it being a problem with Tidal.

Nuwriy, It occurs intermittently. But it always seems that it happens when I have company or am trying to show my girlfriend how well it works. The day after my post, things worked well. No changes to the system.

Sometimes, rebooting the Nucleus seems to help.

Well, here we go again. Thursday night before a three day holiday weekend and I can’t get any music. Tidal is not working. Is it Roon’s fault? I don’t know, I am not a techie. I am just a music lover.

When I try to play music, I get a splash screen – on both my iphone and my PC – “Status Failed to reconnect. Please retry later”.

Maybe the immediate issue is not Roon’s fault. But Tidal is the basis of the Roon experience. Doesn’t Roon have some responsibility for delivering what it was designed to deliver?

Some participants on this board have criticized me for “blaming” Roon for a Tidal problem. To me, it is a “warranty of functionality” problem. I pay an annual license to Roon so that I can listen to Music using the Roon experience. Which I love – when it is working. Which is not often enough.

Is it? I have had zero issues with Qobuz. Maybe try it and see what happens?

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I use Roon, Tidal, and Qobuz. Never had an issue with any of them.


Rip a CD to FLAC and see if you get the same problem. I have Tidal and never have any problems except when our crappy cell-phone based internet provision dips below 2-3 MBps.

Thank you for the comments. But what am hearing is that “I don’t have a problem, so it must be your fault”. I don’t think so. Nothing changed between last night and tonight. Except that Tidal doesn’t work. If Roon is just a product for techies, then maybe it’s not for me. But that means that it will never gain wide acceptance and will struggle. Long term outlook under such conditions is not good.

I don’t think anyone is saying it must be your fault. However, while the symptom is that Tidal playback is sometimes intermittent, it’s clear that the cause of this has not yet been identified.

Because you don’t have a local library, and only use Tidal, it’s difficult to change your source material to see what effect this has on the issue. If you’re not in a position to provide local material, or use Qobuz on a trial basis, as a test, then set up a couple of internet radio stations and use them in My Live Radio to see what impact that has on the issue.

Although you have wired ethernet, the issue could be caused by the network - see here for a recent case of issues caused by a network switch going bad. Could you try different ports on your switches to see if that has any impact on the issue?

Lastly, @nuwriy can turn on diagnostics on your Nucleus - the next time the issue occurs, make a note of the time and tell him. He can then retrieve the logs from the Nucleus and see if they cast a light on what is going on…

I think some routers work better than others with Roon.

It’s been 24 hours so its not a network problem. And, Tidal works on my iPhone if I access it directly.

Internet radio worked last night and then it didn’t.

Last time this happened, as I recall, things started working when I installed a software update. But as the attached screenshot shows, my software is up to date.

Roon screen shot Friday

As far as my hardware being substandard, as some have suggested, it is all less than a year old. I run lots of internet TV on it as well as vpn into my company’s servers. It’s not the hardware.

But, that begs the question of why Roon works perfectly for most customers while others have problems? It’s the same software. What’s different?

Woe to those who fail to try the first rule of computer malfunction.

I rebooted the server and now everything works again.

Shame on me for not rebooting earlier. In my defense, only two weeks ago a had a problem - “a known bug” according to a friend here. Numerous reboots in that case didn’t help. After the known bug was worked around, I was able to enjoy music again.

Why must it be so hard?

Hello @Timothy_Good, I’m glad things are working again! If this issue returns, please reply here with a timestamp (your local time) of when you notice the issue and I will enable diagnostics for your account so we can take a look.

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