Roon is not syncing with my Qobuz

I have deleted albums from qobuz and have tried manually to sync the library in Roon and the deleted albums still show up in Roon Library. Albums added in qobuz do show up in my Roon Library.

If I go into the qobuz section, everything is correct. Albums that have been deleted in qobuz are gone from My Qobuz in Roon.

Good news, you’re not alone:

I’ll not lie, that’s all the sugar I have and the pills currently fairly bitter…

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Same here. Library now only contains local mp3’s. Qobuz also made many albums across multiple playlists “unavailable”. I deleted some of the playlists and then recreated them with the same albums and they are available. I don’t think this is an issue of rights being withdrawn from some albums. Every album that showed “unavailable” was able to be readded just fine after deleting the playlist and starting over. This is a pain.

Albums are back from this afternoon (Belgium) but some playlists have suffered.
I believe that Qobuz must have changed some rights & permissions. Bill Evans, “You must believe in spring” is now “unavailable” and when you click on the album it says “album was not found” but you can find another version under “Bill Evans”. Not a big disaster even if this playlist with 150 tracks, now reduced to 37, was really good …