Roon is slow (er)

Your chain is somewhat complicated, am I wrong?

What s your chain axel?

Haha …
embarrassingly simple:
ISP Modem => Asus RT-AX86U router => i7 NUC with internal music storage Samsung SSD connected to the prioritized ethernet port of the Asus.
Switch GS108 unmanaged connected to Asus router => all streamer / audio devices connected via lan cable to the switch
Except for remotes and a Mu-so Qb 2 via Wifi.

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Ah I forgot:!!

I don’t use DSP!

I hope I don’t make a mistake because it’s not allowed?

I don’t think so, @Axel_Lesch. No separate core plus endpoint make it bit simpler even. But the two Etherregens might make it look more complicated, as well as the naming all the cables and power supplies …

I don’t have a clue about this stuff :slight_smile:

Wild guess if its only the Android app that’s slow. Uninstall it , reboot the phone and re-install it , may help.

Will free up any cached data maybe.

I would doubt the SSD speed is an issue , certainly not a 16 sec delay , the odd second maybe. The other option comes to mind is the NAS.

I have a 10i7, 32 G Ram, 4 Tb SSD internal it takes 2-3 seconds on android (Samsung A52), librry much the same size.

What else comes to mind is the ISP provided router.
That much I can say:
It matters which router you use.

Also did a quick search for your AQvox switch.

I have to admit that I am somewhat suspicious of the suitability of special audiophile network components for Roon.

Thanks again for all your ideas.

Another question, I have 4GB RAM , would it be worth pimping a bit that area? I only have Rock on that server(no other simultaneous usages)

For 120k tracks 4gb is maybe a bit low.

I went OTT With 32GB but RAM is relatively cheap, go for a 16 stick maybe

My memory made a mistake. I dont have 4GB RAm.

I checked orders history, it seems that I have bought a one 16GB ddr4 stick at that time. Maybe I could add a second one? Does not it go per pair?

Yes. Always go by pair. Same specs

When you purchase two memory modules separately, the DRAM chips and SPD timing on the memory can be different. This is true even if they’re made by the same vendor and have the same part number.
These differences can cause the computer not to start or instability with both modules installed.

Is it possible that my server works with only one 16GB DDr4 Ram? I have not opened it yet to check, I could only find one in my orders history (4 years ago)

It sure can. If you upgrade (add a module) make sure it matches the other.

Please have a look:

Merry Chistmas to all of you!

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Thanks I think I will try this.
I hope it will not be too complex to migrate the DB from one ssd to the other.

I have the same impression opening on MacBook is very slow (not on iPad), but once started I feel no difference. Here it started after using the beta software.